Cardi B and Offset unfollow saga: Social media drama unfolds as Cardi talks 'Outgrowing Relationships'

    Amidst rumors of relationship turmoil, Cardi B and Offset make headlines as they simultaneously unfollow each other on social media.

    Cardi B and Offset (Source: Billboard)

    Cardi B and Offset (Source: Billboard)

    Cardi B and Offset appear to be navigating a challenging phase in their relationship. The rap power couple, married since September 2017, has notably unfollowed each other on Instagram, raising eyebrows among fans. Adding to the intrigue, the "Bodak Yellow" sensation, aged 31, posted cryptic messages on her Instagram Story on Monday. Expressing sentiments about outgrowing relationships and prioritizing herself, Cardi's posts hint at a potential shift in the dynamics of their union.

    Social Media Drama Unfolds

    Simultaneously, the 31-year-old Migos member, Offset, took to his Instagram Story to share a snippet from Al Pacino's "Scarface," featuring the iconic line, "Hey, f—k you, man! Who put this thing together? Me! Who do I trust? Me!" Representatives for the couple have yet to respond to Page Six's inquiries. 

    Cardi B (Source: People)

    Notably, Cardi B made a glamorous runway debut at Balenciaga's fall 2024 show in Los Angeles over the weekend, attracting a crowd of A-list spectators. Strikingly, her husband was notably absent from the event. Despite this, Offset previously ensured Cardi had a lavish 31st birthday celebration in October, showering her with nearly half a million dollars' worth of Hermès bags.

    Public Fallout

    The tumultuous couple grabbed headlines in June when Offset accused Cardi, with whom he shares their children Kulture, 5, and Wave, 2, of infidelity. Taking to his Instagram Story, he asserted, "My wife f—ked a N—a on me gang yall n—as know how I come." At that time, Cardi swiftly denied the allegation using Twitter Spaces. In a musical response, she began, "First of all, let me say, you can’t accuse me of all the things you know that you are guilty of. Sing it with me, y’all! And I see that it is easy for you to blame everything on me. Yes, honey!"

    Addressing the "Walk It Talk It" musician directly, Cardi firmly urged him to "stop acting foolish" and cease "playing games." In the subsequent month, Offset came forward, admitting that he had fabricated the claim of her infidelity. Speaking to Angela Yee on her "Way Up" podcast, he confessed to being "really lit" on tequila during a heated argument with Cardi, whom he described as a "pitbull at the mouth."

    Cardi B and Offset (Source: Billboard)

    Offset's Candid Admission

    Despite her intense demeanor, he emphasized, "She's got a wild mouth, but I love my wife at the end of the day. But she's crazy, man." Offset further clarified that he didn't feel compelled to address the accusation on social media, asserting that "the delete [was] enough." 

    Expanding on this, he noted, "At the end of the day, those people don't really know what's going on with us, for real." The couple later joined forces on a track titled "Jealousy," with both the lyrics and music video subtly referencing their public disagreement.