Inside the 2020 split: Unveiling the reasons behind Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler's breakup

    The actor known for portraying Elvis was in a relationship with Vanessa Hudgens for nearly a decade. With the High School Musical star now married, delve into the reasons behind the 2019 breakup between her and Austin Butler.

    Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler (Source: People)

    Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler (Source: People)

    Vanessa Hudgens is officially married! The actress reportedly exchanged vows with her partner of three years, Cole Tucker, during the weekend of December 2, 2023. Before connecting with the baseball player, Vanessa had a nearly nine-year relationship with actor Austin Butler. The couple decided to part ways in 2020, just before Austin's breakthrough role in Elvis.

    In light of Vanessa and Cole's joyous marriage, let's reflect on her past relationship with Austin and explore the reasons behind their eventual separation.

    The Quiet Beginning

    Vanessa Hudgens (Source: Billboard)

    Vanessa and Austin initiated their relationship in 2011, but they kept their romance under wraps until making it public in 2014. In an Instagram post from that year, the High School Musical actress affectionately referred to Austin as the "love of her life." Although the couple eventually parted ways, their significant impact on each other is evident.

    During the promotion of Elvis in 2022, Austin appeared to acknowledge his ex's influence in pursuing the role. In 2019, Vanessa shared an anecdote about her then-boyfriend singing an Elvis Presley song around Christmas in an interview on Live With Kelly & Ryan.

    The Toll of Distance and Busy Schedules

    Austin Butler (Source: X)

    Following their 2020 breakup, an insider revealed that their separation was attributed to demanding schedules and geographical distance. The source revealed, "They had to spend too much time apart in the last few months; that's what did it. Vanessa was extremely occupied with consecutive projects, hardly being home. 

    Austin was just as occupied with work, filming a movie in Australia [Elvis], requiring him to be there on and off for months during pre-production. They excel when they're together, but the challenges arise when they're apart, and they were separated for months." The source expressed sadness about the situation, emphasizing that despite their genuine love for each other, the demanding nature of the entertainment industry takes a toll on relationships.

    Following their breakup in 2020, Vanessa and Austin have both embarked on new romantic journeys. Vanessa, as previously mentioned, entered a relationship with baseball player Cole Tucker in 2020. Their engagement took place in 2022, culminating in an intimate ceremony in Tulum, Mexico, in December 2023.

    Post his separation from Vanessa, Austin was connected romantically to a few individuals. However, since December 2021, he has been in a relationship with model Kaia Gerber. The couple has been seen on double dates with Kaia's parents, marking a continuation of Austin's romantic life.