Daisy Ridley's emotional exit from instagram: a star wars heroine’s real-life battle

    Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley faces online harassment, quits Instagram after a heartfelt anti-violence post.

    Daisy Ridley (Source: Variety)

    Daisy Ridley (Source: Variety)

    The galaxy may be far, far away, but the issues are close to home. Reflecting on a moment that shook the internet cosmos, Daisy Ridley, our revered Rey from Star Wars, faced a tempest not with a lightsaber but with a post on Instagram. In the days following the 2016 Teen Choice Awards, Ridley found herself in a skirmish not unlike those in the fictional world she inhabited, except this battle was real, and it cost her an Instagram presence.

    Daisy Ridley (Source: People)

    Back then, Ridley had attended the Teen Choice Awards, where a powerful tribute to victims of gun violence moved her profoundly. Her post following the event was as much a homage as it was a clarion call to action: "As I sat in the audience yesterday tears were streaming down my face at the tribute to those that have been lost to gun violence...We must stop the violence," she had stated. This moment of vulnerability, however, was met with hostility.

    Daisy Ridley (Source: British GQ)

    As she highlighted the collective bravery on stage, dissent brewed in the comments section. Fans and critics alike crossed lightsabers over her stance. Ridley was accused of hypocrisy given the fictional violence in The Force Awakens, and not long after, she made the choice to delete her Instagram account to silence the blasters of online harassment.

    The internet, much like the Force, has a dark and a light side. Ridley's exit predated Instagram's pivot to provide users with comment filters, a feature introduced as a shield against the dark side of social media. Her departure mirrored that of Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones, who also abandoned the Twitter starship amidst a barrage of racist comments.

    Daisy Ridley's retreat from Instagram underlines the peril that even stars face in the digital expanse. Her experience serves as a potent reminder that behind the characters we adore are humans who feel. Her action and the subsequent addition of comment filters by Instagram were steps toward acknowledging and addressing the toxicity that can permeate social media platforms.

    Years on, Ridley's star has not dimmed, but rather, her absence from Instagram remains a stark narrative about the cost of fame in the digital age and the continued battle against online harassment. Today, we remember her stand not just as an act of self-care but as a moment that pressured social media giants to wield their power responsibly.

    "It was a true moment of togetherness. We must stop the violence," these words, bold in their intent, continue to echo, resonating with relevance even today as a testament to Ridley's spirit, both on and off the screen.

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