David Schwimmer pays tribute to late costar Matthew Perry with an iconic Friends image

    In a heartfelt tribute, David Schwimmer remembers his late Friends co-star, Matthew Perry, by sharing an iconic image from their time on the beloved sitcom.

    Mathew Perry and David Schwimmer (Source: NBC)

    Mathew Perry and David Schwimmer (Source: NBC)

    David Schwimmer reflects on the cherished moments he shared with his Friends co-star Matthew Perry, just two weeks after the actor's passing at the age of 54. In an Instagram tribute, Schwimmer expresses gratitude to Perry for a decade of laughter and creativity. 

    He fondly remembers Perry's unparalleled comic timing and delivery, acknowledging his ability to transform ordinary lines into something uniquely original and consistently amusing, leaving a lasting impression on those who had the pleasure of working alongside him.

    A Bittersweet Memory

    In a poignant gesture, Schwimmer posts a picture from season 5's episode, "The One with All the Thanksgivings," recalling, "This snapshot captures one of my cherished moments with you. It brings a simultaneous smile and sorrow now. I picture you somewhere up there, donning that familiar white suit, hands casually in your pockets, surveying the scene — 'Could there BE any more clouds?'"

    Perry always openly expressed his affection for his Friends castmates. During their on-screen reunion for HBO Max's Friends: The Reunion special—the first time since the show's finale—the actor became visibly moved, sharing heartfelt sentiments about the lasting connection they all cherished.

    Schwimmer and Perry's Enduring Friendship

    Friends Cast (Source: NBC)

    Expressing a parallel sentiment, Perry echoed the camaraderie in his 2022 memoir, "Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing," describing the cast as "a group that really is close and tight-knit … and loves each other."

    Following the conclusion of Friends in 2004, Schwimmer and Perry sustained a tight friendship, frequently showcasing the signature banter of their characters in their public interactions.

    Perry's contributions to the entertainment industry and his enduring camaraderie with the Friends cast have left a lasting legacy. As we remember Perry, his heartfelt sentiments serve as a lasting testament to the genuine connections forged during the iconic era of Friends.