DC fans notice reused scenes from 2018's Aquaman in The Lost Kingdom trailer teaser

    DC fans call out the recently launched teaser trailer for The Lost Kingdom for using footage from 2018 Aquaman.

    Aquaman 2

    Aquaman 2

    To squash the recent rumors that DC Studio might not even release Aquaman 2, the studio released a short teaser for the movie which revealed that the full trailer will be dropping this Thursday. 

    However, this has backfired as fans discovered that the short teaser used a lot of footage from 2018's Aquaman.

    Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom directed by James Wan has gone through a lot of reshoots after negative reactions to early and recent test screening.

    Currently, it is also rumored that the studio has considerably cut down the marketing budget for the movie as they feel the movie will face the same critical and commercial responses as Blue Beetle and The Flash.

    2018's Aquaman was a massive success for the studio despite mixed critical reactions, the movie went on to gross over one billion dollars worldwide.

    The sequel began filming in 2021 with filming wrapping in January 2022. The movie was originally supposed to have cameos from Ben Affleck's and Micheal Keaton's Batman but was cut after James Gunn and Peter Safran took over as the head of DC Studios.

    The sequel will focus on Aquaman and his allies trying to protect Atlantis from an ancient threat released by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II's Black Manta, who is still out for revenge.

    The teaser reveals that Bacl Manta is in possession of a black trident that holds the powers of Abyssal Dark Magic, which was created by ancient demons of the sea.

    This new threat also forces Arther Curry to team up with his estranged half-brother Orm aka The Oceanmaster played by Patrick Wilson.

    Director James Wan had teased the dynamic between the two as one of the highlights of the upcoming sequels.

    The fate of the last movie of the old DCEU lineup remains to see, will the old DC Universe go out with a bang or will it be a whimper?

    Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom hits theaters on December 20, 2023.