Deal Reached: Historic Hollywood writers strike concludes after nearly five months

    After nearly five grueling months of negotiations and halted productions, a resolution has been reached in the historic Hollywood Writers Strike. The extensive strike, which led to significant industry setbacks and losses, finally concludes as writers and production companies have come to a mutual agreement.

    <p>WGA Strike</p>

    WGA Strike

    The Writers Guild of America and the Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers have finally reached an agreement and the long-running strike has ended.

    The strike began in April of this year after the two organizations failed to reach an agreement, while the deal's details are not known at the time, we are sure to learn more soon.

    A Historic Strike Comes to an End

    The WGA informed all 11,000 of its members of the new deal via email on Sunday, the organization will hold a vote on the new agreement on Tuesday, and only if passes will the strike officially end.

    The mail also called for an end to picketing which has been going on for nearly five months and also urged its members to continue supporting the Screen Actor's Guild which is still on strike.

    The strike is the eighth strike in the organization's history, the first one was back in 1852 and the last one was in 2007 and lasted over 100 days.

    The current strike is the longest one lasting over 150 days affecting the production of several movie and TV projects and is estimated to have cost studios somewhere between 3-5 billion dollars.

    Timeline of the 2023 Writers Guild of America (WGA) Strike

    April 18: 

    Overwhelming Majority: 98% of WGA Members Opt for Strike if Contract Talks Fail

    May 1: 

    Contract Deadline: WGA Contract Expires Without Any Agreement 

    May 2: 

    The Strike Commences: WGA Officially Begins Strike 

    Aug. 4: 

    Reconvening: Both Parties Meet for the First Time Post-Strike Announcement 

    Aug. 11: 

    New Proposal: WGA Receives Proposal from the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) 

    Aug. 23: 

    Proposal Details Revealed: AMPTP Publicly Shares Proposal Details to WGA 

    Sept. 20: 

    Negotiation Restart: Talks Resume After Weeks of Stalemate 

    Sept. 24: 

    Resolution: WGA and AMPTP Announce a Successful Agreement

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