'Denzel, thank you for your generosity': Denzel Washington's call to Baz Luhrmann landed Austin Butler the role of a lifetime!

    Denzel Washington's surprise call to director Baz Luhrmann led to Austin Butler's career-defining role in "Elvis." A grateful Butler thanked Washington at the Golden Globes.

    Austin Butler and Denzel Washington (Source: People)

    Austin Butler and Denzel Washington (Source: People)

    The 80th Golden Globe Awards on January 10, 2023, had its share of dazzling moments, but none more heartwarming than Austin Butler's heartfelt gratitude towards legendary actor Denzel Washington. As reported by People Magazine, the moment resonated with grace and humility, exemplifying the mentorship and camaraderie that transcend the glitz and glamor of Hollywood.

    The Unexpected Connection: How Denzel Became Austin's Champion

    When Austin Butler accepted the award for best actor in a drama movie for Baz Luhrmann's Elvis Presley biopic, he didn't miss the opportunity to turn the spotlight on someone unexpected: "Denzel, thank you for your kindness, thank you for your generosity and championing me when you did not have to."

    While Washington didn't have an on-screen role in Elvis, he was pivotal in Butler's casting, having given Luhrmann a cold call to vouch for Butler, a fellow actor with whom he appeared in a 2018 Broadway production.

    Austin Butler in 'Elvis' (2022) (Source: GQ)

    The Cold Call that Rocked the Director's Chair

    According to a May 2022 interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Baz Luhrmann, described his reaction to Washington's call: "He found me. I received this videotape of this young man in a flood of tears playing 'Unchained Melody,' and I thought, 'Wow, what is that? How is that happening?' And then I got a call from Denzel Washington, who gave me a cold call."

    The unexpected connection wasn't just a brief endorsement. Washington's eloquent pitch showcased Butler's unrelenting work ethic, leaving a lasting impression on Luhrmann. "You're about to meet an actor I've been on stage with,' 'You will not believe this young man's work ethic, there is just no minute he won't give to the art," Washington told Luhrmann, a sentiment he later shared in a panel conversation with SiriusXM in June 2022.

    Austin Butler at Golden Globes 2023 (Source: Billboard)

    Living Elvis, Not Just Playing Him

    Washington's recommendation led to Butler's audition, and as Luhrmann described, the young actor lived Elvis, not merely impersonated him. He humanized the rock 'n' roll icon, and his performance turned heads, all thanks to a phone call from Washington, who saw something extraordinary in Butler.

    The story of this unexpected collaboration shines a light on the connections that shape careers in the entertainment industry. It's not just about glitz and glamor; it's about recognizing talent, mentorship, and one legendary actor's willingness to pick up the phone and make a difference.

    In the words of a grateful Austin Butler, "I am so grateful for all eternity to you" – a statement that captures the essence of this inspiring Hollywood tale.

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