Taylor Swift-Selena Gomez get gossipy about Kylie Jenner & Timothee Chalamet? Check out raw Golden Globes moments

    Check out some of the most unfiltered moments of the Golden Globes 2024 Awards which took the internet by storm. 

    Golden Globes raw moments

    Golden Globes raw moments

    The 81st Golden Globes Awards not only felicitated the best of cinema this year but it also gave some viral moments on social media. The event was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. Take a look at some of these candid moments from the award ceremony which took the internet by storm.

    Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez get gossipy about Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalament?

    A meme-worthy video that has been going viral is Selene whispering something into Taylor’s ears to which the latter looked shocked. The internet has already decoded the conversation. Fans believe that Selena was telling the ‘Love Story’ singer about Kylie not allowing her beau Timothee to take a selfie with her. Talk of some drama!

    Kirsten Wigg and Will Ferrell’s funny dance on stage

    While announcing the awards, clown music constantly interrupted Kirsten and Will. Finally, they gave in and did a hilariously goofy dance. The act left the likes of Matt Damon, Jennifer Lopez, and Andrew Scott in splits.

    Jennifer Lawrence threatening a walk-out

    While the nominations were going on for the Best Actress in the Musical or Comedy genre, the camera was panning into all the reactions of the ladies. When it focused on Jennifer she could be heard saying, “If I don't win, I'm leaving." The clip became an instant hit on social media.

    Emma Stone’s reaction to Taylor Swift cheering for her

    On the backstage, Emma was asked whether she saw Taylor recording and applauding her win for Poor Things. To this, the La La Land actress said, “No, I have known her for almost 20 years so I was very happy she was there. She was also nominated tonight, which was wonderful, and yes, what an as**ole.”

    The Oppenheimer and La La Land crossover

    Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr, Emma Stone, and Ryan Gosling casually chose to break the internet by coming together for a picture. Fans also noticed the epic Oppenheimer and La La Land crossover.