Diving deep into Val Kilmer's nostalgic Reddit AMA: surprises, revelations, and pizza!

Take a trip down memory lane to Val Kilmer’s memorable Reddit AMA from 2017. From surprise confessions to his undying love for pizza, let’s revisit the juiciest tidbits!

<p>Val Kilmer</p>

Val Kilmer

Ah, the good old days of 2017 when tabloids were still buzzing with the latest celebrity tiffs and the internet was swept up in the whirlwind of Val Kilmer's candid Reddit AMA.

Kilmer’s Not-so-Hidden Affection for Hollywood

Val Kilmer isn't just a respected artist and actor; he's an endearingly earnest fanboy at heart. Promoting “Cinema Twain,” his AMA session was like opening Pandora’s box of Hollywood tales.

"Well imagine being able to say, ‘Al and Bob’ for the rest of your life," Kilmer raved about his experience working on “Heat”. He fondly reminisced about the nights giggling with De Niro and the priceless moments shared with Al Pacino, including being hugged by the iconic actor in downtown LA.

And oh, the love for “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” was real! Kilmer’s mutual admiration for Robert Downey Jr was evident as he playfully revealed how Downey had him howling during shoots. As for future buddy comedies? Kilmer had a wishlist ready. > "Always Robert Downey Jr till the day I die. Man is he a monster talent," he declared, also hinting at the comedic potential of Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling.

Hollywood Myths Debunked: Cruise and Kilmer

Rumors of a Top Gun feud between Kilmer and Tom Cruise have always been ripe, but Val was quick to squash them. > "He was a sweetheart. We were all quite rowdy... but Tom was always in some scene and never got to play with us,” Kilmer explained, painting a picture of the tight-knit camaraderie on set.

Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer

Kilmer’s Golden Nuggets of Wisdom (and Pizza!)

To aspiring actors, Kilmer’s advice was unfiltered and direct: > "Work till you cry yourself to sleep every night for months on end." He also candidly mentioned watching a young Kevin Spacey hone his craft, remarking how hard work eventually paid off.

Amid all the professional chatter, Kilmer's passionate ramblings about pizza were refreshingly down-to-earth. He professed, > "Pizza is one of the greatest creations on earth... Heaven is filled with melted cheese…"

From confessions about his health to enthusiastically endorsing a “Top Gun” sequel, Kilmer’s AMA was a rollercoaster. Asked if the journey was worth it, Kilmer’s response? > "You betcha."

As we reminisce, it's moments like these that showcase the genuine side of Hollywood stars. Val Kilmer's pure spirit remains an internet treasure.

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