Duke Nicholson's exclusive Chateau days: Hollywood's best-kept secret

    Dive into the world of Duke Nicholson and other Hollywood elite, as they transform Chateau Marmont into an ultra-luxe retreat during a pandemic.

    Duke Nicholson (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

    Duke Nicholson (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

    Hollywood, with its bright lights and even brighter stars, has always carried a certain aura of glamour. But few places shimmer quite as brightly as the Chateau Marmont, a name that stirs vivid memories of a golden era. Sofia Coppola's 2010 cinematic masterpiece Somewhere painted a vivid portrait of this iconic locale. Yet, reality soon outpaced fiction, especially in the context of the sweeping changes of 2020.

    Chateau Marmont's modern day magic

    While Coppola's film depicted a laid-back, indulgent Hollywood environment, in the quiet of 2020, the Chateau Marmont experienced a rebirth of sorts. As the world came to a standstill, the legendary castle turned into a retreat for a select group of Hollywood's elite, including the intriguing Duke Nicholson. “At the Chateau, even Marco’s crushing ennui looks sexy.” The quote could just as easily describe the lives of those select few, such as Nicholson, Luka Sabbat, and George Cortina, who made the Chateau their abode. With big names like Keanu Reeves making appearances, the Chateau transformed into something between a refined hype house and a sanctuary.

    Duke Nicholson (Source: GQ)

    The allure of Chateau living

    The charm of the Chateau is undeniable. Luka Sabbat, who had started living there since 2017 post his debut in Freeform’s Grown-ish, captured the sentiment perfectly. “I never wanted to leave ever again. And… I haven’t!” he exclaimed. The magnetic pull of the Chateau is such that once ensnared in its luxury, there's no going back. It becomes more than just a residence—it's a lifestyle.

    Looking back now, it's fascinating to think of Duke Nicholson and others who turned this historic Hollywood hotel into a private paradise during some of the most turbulent times in recent history. They brought a slice of movie magic to life, and for a moment, amidst a world of chaos, Chateau Marmont stood as a beacon of luxury, nostalgia, and escape.

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