'End of the year is more likely!' - The mystery behind Marvel's Armor Wars filming schedule unveiled!

    Contradicting reports have cast doubt on the filming schedule for Marvel's "Armor Wars." Insider Charles Murphy has debunked the rumored April start date, suggesting it's more likely to commence at the "end of the year."

    Armor Wars (Source: The Cosmic Circus)

    Armor Wars (Source: The Cosmic Circus)

    Marvel fans are no strangers to speculation and rumor, but the whispers around the filming schedule of Armor Wars have turned into a full-blown mystery. Initially announced as a Disney+ series, it was adapted into a full-length film that stars Don Cheadle as War Machine. But what's the real scoop on when the cameras will roll? Let's dive in!

    "I Agree with Charles Murphy!" A Battle Over Filming Dates

    Just when fans thought they had a handle on things, Production List published a report claiming that Armor Wars was set to film from April 3 to August 4 2023. However, the insider world was quick to question this timeline.

    Insiders Weigh in on the Armor Wars Schedule

    Twitter was abuzz with thoughts and theories. Reliable scooper @MsLizzieHill chimed in, saying, "I agree with Charles Murphy... that the rumored April start for Armor Wars seems to be incorrect. I'll add I just heard from a reliable source that 'end of the year' is more likely." 

    Armor Wars (Source: IMDB)

    As for Charles Murphy, he took to the platform to express his doubts, pointing out that "no director" has been announced for the film, and such an announcement usually comes "about a year before production." He also noted that there have been "no casting announcements," contrasting that with other Marvel projects like Captain America: New World Order and Thunderbolts, both of which have made several castings public.

    Murphy also floated a theory, suggesting that the source for Production List might have Armor War "confused with Wonder Man somehow."

    A Trustworthy Source or a Case of Mistaken Identity?

    But wait, there's more! Murphy didn't just speculate; he reached out to Disney and later confirmed that he was "making the choice to not believe the April info based on the response." It's worth noting that Production List has been a credible source in the past. They've accurately reported on filming schedules for other big titles, including Loki's second season and Joker 2. But, nothing is confirmed regarding Armor War till now.

    Armor Wars (Source: The Cosmic Circus)

    "Why Time Is Not on Armor Wars' Side" – A Marvelous Conundrum

    The plot thickens when we consider Marvel Studios' already crowded slate. While Production List's credibility is entirely in question, the absence of director and cast announcements for Armor Wars certainly added fuel to the debate.

    As fans eagerly await official updates on War Machine's series-turned-film, one thing is clear: In the world of Marvel, things are rarely as simple as they seem. Perhaps the real "Armor War are the speculative battles fought by fans and insiders, all clamoring to be the first to uncover the truth.

    Who will win this war of words and dates? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, we'll keep our ear to the ground and our eyes on Twitter!

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