Iman Vellani expresses desire to bring her mutant-intensive comic storyline to a future season of Ms. Marvel

    Iman Vellani expresses her enthusiasm for incorporating her Ms. Marvel comic storyline, delving into her mutant aspect, into an upcoming season of the Disney+ series.

    Iman Vellani (Source: Marvel)

    Iman Vellani (Source: Marvel)

    Iman Vellani expresses her desire to bring her Ms. Marvel comic series to life in a forthcoming season of the Disney+ series. The season finale hints at Kamala's mutation, accompanied by the iconic 90s animated X-Men series theme, establishing a captivating link between Ms. Marvel and mutants—a theme explored in Vellani's comic book storyline.

    A Seamless Integration

    In a recent interview for "The Marvels," Vellani delved into her thoughts on the Ms. Marvel series and comic books. She passionately expressed her desire to translate her comic storyline into a forthcoming season of the Ms. Marvel Disney+ series. Vellani also elaborated on how this adaptation could seamlessly integrate into the overarching MCU narrative, especially given the first season's setup of Ms. Marvel as a mutant.

    Ms. Marvel (Source: IMDB)

    Ms. Marvel emerges as a focal point in the MCU's upcoming narrative, positioned as the leader of the Young Avengers. With ties to the original Avengers through characters like Nick Fury and Captain Marvel, and the prospect of her mutation linking her to the X-Men in the future, Ms. Marvel's story is poised to expand significantly. As she rises to greater prominence as a hero in the public eye, these interconnected elements are bound to play an increasingly integral role in her evolving saga.

    Potential Unleashed

    While the confirmation of a second season is pending, it presents a potential golden opportunity to delve into the consequences of Kamala Khan's entry into the superhero realm on a grander scale. Additionally, it could serve as a platform to explore public sentiment following the inclusion of mutants and the X-Men in the primary timeline of the MCU.

    Ms. Marvel (Source: X)

    While mutants, such as Kamala Khan, probably already exist, their existence has largely remained concealed. However, this status quo is likely to shift in the future, prompting the X-Men to either assemble or reveal themselves to the public.

    A potential second season of Ms. Marvel could delve into the public's perception of her as a hero and explore how that perception evolves when her identity as a mutant becomes known, particularly if there is initial apprehension or fear surrounding mutants in the world.