'Expensive as hell' - James Cameron's $700 million net worth and his love for deep sea, yachts, and mansions

    James Cameron, the 5th richest filmmaker in Hollywood with a net worth of $700 million, flaunts a lavish lifestyle. From a fleet of submarines to a $20 million yacht, the director's extravagant purchases are revealed.

    James Cameron (Source:Vulture)

    James Cameron (Source:Vulture)

    James Cameron, the acclaimed director behind blockbuster hits like "Titanic" and "Avatar," doesn't just make waves on the big screen - he splashes out in real life too! With a net worth estimated at a jaw-dropping $700 million, Cameron's passion for the ocean depths extends to some rather swanky purchases, including a $20 million yacht, a mansion worth $5 million, and a fleet of submarines costing $3 million each. Let's dive in and explore the extravagant world of one of Hollywood's richest filmmakers!

    Sailing the High Seas - A $20 Million Yacht!

    It's no secret that James Cameron loves to explore the unknown depths of the ocean. But did you know his love extends to personal luxury as well? His Alucia 2 yacht, built in 2010 and equipped with every scientific technology one could dream of for ocean explorations and personal vacations, is worth between $17 million to $20 million. **"Expensive as Hell!"** indeed, but when you're the 5th richest filmmaker, it's just another day at the sea.

    Home is Where the Mansion (or Two) Is!

    But Cameron's passion doesn't stop at the sea; he also has a love for luxurious living on dry land. His sprawling mansion in Malibu, California, is a paradise with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a tennis court, and two swimming pools, and it cost the director a cool $5 million. As reported by The Richest, he even listed the house for over $24 million in 2007.

    James Cameron (Source:People)

    And for those times when Malibu just doesn't cut it, there's his away home in New Zealand. Worth $20 million and covering over 1,000 acres, this property offers amenities that most of us can only dream of. Plus, a dairy farm covering around 250 hectares that's also used in his films? Talk about "$3 Million Per Submarine!" luxury.

    Vroom Vroom - Cars, Bikes, and More!

    If you think his love for luxury stops at homes and yachts, think again. Cameron's car collection includes a Corvette C6 convertible, estimated to be worth $60,000, and he owns not one but three Harley Davidson motorcycles. One of his bikes was even featured in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day!" And let's not forget about the Ducati 848 EVO, one of the fastest motorcycles in the world.

    The Deep Blue – Submarines and a Special Watch

    But it's the deep blue sea that truly captures Cameron's heart. Owning a fleet of Triton submarines (yes, you read that right!), which he bought during the shooting of "Titanic," it's clear that the director's fascination with the ocean knows no bounds. Each Submarine cost him a whopping $3 million.

    James Cameron (Source: Twitter)

    To commemorate his film "Deepsea Challenge 3D," James Cameron was even honored with a Rolex Deepsea watch valued at $13,000. Truly, a watch made for a man who's as deep and mysterious as the ocean itself.

    From the silver screen to the depths of the ocean, James Cameron's life is filled with intrigue, luxury, and the kind of wealth that most can only dream of. Whether he's behind the camera or exploring the unknown, Cameron's lifestyle truly is as grand as his films.

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