Is James Cameron set to dominate the top 5 highest-grossing films with 'Avatar' sequels?

    James Cameron does it again with 'Avatar: The Way of Water' climbing the box office ranks. With the potential to surpass 'Star Wars' and even 'Titanic', is he Hollywood's golden director?

    <p>James Cameron (Source: Vulture)</p>

    James Cameron (Source: Vulture)

    It's been a wild cinematic ride, and James Cameron is at the helm, yet again! As we sit in 2023, taking a moment to reminisce, the world of film is painted blue, thanks to the Na'vi of Pandora.

    From sinking ships to soaring avatars

    Way back in 2009, Cameron introduced us to an alien world with the original "Avatar," a game-changer that garnered a staggering $2.92 billion at the box office. Fast forward to today, "Avatar: The Way of Water" sails its own course, surpassing behemoths like "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens" and settling into a cool fifth spot. And in the rearview mirror? Cameron's own heart-wrenching saga of Jack and Rose, with "Titanic" raking in $2.19 billion.

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    James Cameron (Source: People)

    There's no stopping this cinematic maestro! As it stood back in early 2023, "Avatar: The Way of Water" seemed poised to nudge past "The Force Awakens". But the bigger question remained - could this new Na'vi tale surpass the tragic grandeur of "Titanic"? As for "Avengers: Endgame", it remained safe... for the time being.

    The 'Avatar' future: Drowning in blue success?

    Given James Cameron's track record and the anticipation surrounding the "Avatar" sequels, it wouldn't be outlandish to suggest that the director might soon claim all top slots at the box office. "Avatar 3" is set to make waves in December 2024, with the fourth and fifth installments slated for 2026 and 2028, respectively. And as history has shown us, we wouldn't dare bet against Cameron's Midas touch.

    On a quirky note, James Cameron, ever the perfectionist, went to lengths in 2022 to commission a study about Jack's survival in "Titanic." If that doesn't show dedication to one's craft, what does?

    So, as we wait, popcorn in hand, for the next blue-tinted saga from this legendary director, we can only say - In Cameron, we trust.

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