'It's a plan': The $700 million bet on World War Hulk's cinematic future.

    Marvel's World War Hulk might not officially exist yet, but there's a trail of breadcrumbs in the MCU leading us to believe it's coming.

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    "'You don't just randomly put stuff like this in': Unraveling the Future of World War Hulk in the MCU"

    "Where is Hulk going in that spaceship?" is the question on everyone's lips after the cliffhanger in the She-Hulk series. This question has fans pondering the green giant's future, hinting at an upcoming World War Hulk project starring Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner. However, according to Forbes, there's no official word yet about this particular Hulk project, leaving us all on the edge of our seats.

    From She-Hulk's Foreshadowing to World War Hulk Speculations

    In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), every detail matters and every plot thread weaves into a bigger tapestry. Thus, we speculate that the ship from Sakaar, introduced in Thor: Ragnarok and spotted in She-Hulk, indicates Hulk's return to the gladiator arena. Sakaar was the setting for many elements borrowed for Thor: Ragnarok, which were originally part of the World War Hulk comic storyline.

    "I'm willing to bet a $700 million box office that it will, someday," expresses the Forbes' report, underlining the audience's anticipation for a World War Hulk project.

    'A Very Enthusiastic Yes': Mark Ruffalo and the World War Hulk Scenario

    When asked about the potential for a World War Hulk project, Mark Ruffalo responded with an enthusiastic 'yes,' which only fuels the speculation fire. Other crucial elements from the famed Hulk storyline have started popping up in the MCU, including the introduction of the Illuminati in Multiverse of Madness and Hercules' appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder's post-credits scene.

    There are whispers that Disney is planning to acquire the rights to standalone Hulk films from Universal next year. If this happens, the route to the World War Hulk project might get smoother. However, "it's not on that calendar because too many details are up in the air right now."

    While World War Hulk might not officially exist yet, the presence of such clear indicators in the MCU cannot be ignored. "It's a plan, it's always a plan," the report continues, hinting at Marvel's strategic storytelling approach. Will we see Hulk return to the gladiator ring on Sakaar, thus ushering in the World War Hulk narrative? Only time will tell. For now, we're left with breadcrumbs, speculation, and an exciting sense of anticipation.

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