'Harry Styles didn't spit on me': When Chris Pine finally ended the Venice Film Festival 'SpitGate' uproar

    Chris Pine wrapped up 'SpitGate', reassuring fans that fellow co-star Harry Styles didn't spit on him at the Venice Film Festival.

    <p>&nbsp;Chris Pine and Harry Styles (Source: Page Six)</p>

    &nbsp;Chris Pine and Harry Styles (Source: Page Six)

    Welcome to a blast from the past! The time has come to finally put an end to the mega-controversy that rocked the internet some months ago, the infamous 'SpitGate' scandal at the Venice Film Festival. Questions were fired like rockets when a video emerged showing Harry Styles seemingly spitting into the lap of his 'Don't Worry Darling' co-star, Chris Pine. 

    Chris Pine and Harry Styles (Source: BBC)

    Now we have an answer. As reported by Esquire, Chris Pine himself has unveiled the truth about that infamous moment in an in-depth video interview on March 1. "Harry did not spit on me,” Pine divulged, insisting that Styles is indeed a "very, very kind guy". Remember the buzz when a publicist woke him up mid-flight, urging the need for a statement to quell the viral uproar?

    What Went Down At The Venice Film Festival

    Despite the Star Trek actor's initial denial about Styles spitting on him, the internet refused to quieten, fueled more by the lack of explanation from either actor about the odd video. But Pine finally set the record straight. "He leaned down, and I think he said, ‘It’s just words, isn’t it?'" Pine shared, recalling a running in-joke that they used as an ice-breaker during their jet-lagged interviews.

    Chris Pine and Harry Styles (Source: BBC)

    The 'SpitGate' Joke

    Despite the drama, the 'Watermelon Sugar' singer has his own humorous take on 'SpitGate'. Styles cracked a joke at his first concert post the film festival, humorously quipping about 'popping to Venice to spit on Chris Pine'. Well, if this doesn't set tongues wagging, what will?

    It's time to leave the viral 'SpitGate' scandal, once and for all, in the past. So, let's thank Pine for the final word on this uproarious affair, and move on to the next Hollywood yarn that’s sure to have us all in a tizzy! _"The truth is, he didn't spit on me", Chris Pine, reflecting on the infamous 'SpitGate' event from Venice Film Festival.

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