How Shakira reshaped the pulse of Latin music

    Shakira reigns supreme at the 2023 Billboard Latin Music Awards, proving once again that she is not just a Latin music superstar, but a global icon who continues to shape the very heartbeat of the genre.

    Shakira (Source: CNN)

    Shakira (Source: CNN)

    The Watsco Center in Miami lit up with fervor and fanfare as Latin music’s brightest stars took center stage. But it was the Colombian sensation, Shakira, who stole the spotlight. Bagging the coveted Latin Pop Artist of the Year and the Latin Pop Song of the Year titles, Shakira's undying influence in the Latin music panorama was unmistakably highlighted. From her roots as a pop-rock sensation to her meteoric rise as a global icon, Shakira's journey speaks of tenacity, innovation, and an unyielding love for her craft.

    A year of triumphs and transformation

    Beyond her recent accolades, Shakira’s 2023 so far has been full of milestones that underscore her deep connection with fans and her unwavering dedication to music. Her break-up with Gerard Piqué marked a poignant turning point, yet she soared, channeling raw emotion into chart-topping anthems. Collaborations with Bizarrap on Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 and Karol G with TQG bore witness to her ability to fuse tradition with modernity. These tracks, oozing with authenticity and power, became rallying cries for fans across continents.

    Yet, it wasn't just about the music. Her tender single Acróstico featuring her sons Milan and Sasha, shed light on her role as a doting mother, reminding the world of the woman behind the superstar.

    Shakira (Source: InStyle)

    Leaving an indelible mark on Latin music

    Shakira’s legacy transcends music charts and award ceremonies. She was named Woman of the Year at the Billboard's Women in Latin Music Awards, dazzling audiences at the MTV's Video Music Awards, and continuing her philanthropic work with the inauguration of her school, Pies Descalzos, in Barranquilla. As she channels her Colombian roots, unique voice, and iconic belly-dancing moves, Shakira not only captures the essence of music but reshapes the very fabric of Latin music.

    As Latin music takes a global center stage, it's clear that Shakira's influence and contributions are pivotal. Her enduring legacy ensures that she will remain an indomitable force in the industry, inspiring future generations and redefining Latin music's landscape.

    Barranquilla to Hollywood: the untold story

    Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, known universally as Shakira, isn't just a result of raw talent. Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, to a Lebanese father and a Colombian mother, her eclectic cultural mix became evident in her music. But her beginnings weren't smooth. By 10, she was more than just a child - she was an emerging artist, writing songs, and diving into talent shows.