Hugh Jackman's COVID scare: How Broadway's Music Man battled back

    Flashback to when Broadway star, Hugh Jackman, took a COVID-inflicted pause, only to make a triumphant return to The Music Man stage in January 2022.

    <p>Hugh Jackman (Source: People)</p>

    Hugh Jackman (Source: People)

    The glitz and glamour of Broadway faced a short, dark intermission at the tail-end of 2021. Broadway’s very own gem, the Tony-winning Hugh Jackman, took to twitter on December 28th to share some shocking news: he tested positive for COVID-19. With a voice that has charmed audiences for years, Jackman's revelation came as a blow to theater enthusiasts. The actor himself described his symptoms, "like a cold, either a scratchy throat and a bit of a runny nose." But, true to form, he vowed, “I’m just going to do everything I can to get better ASAP, and as soon as I’m cleared, I'll be back on stage and heading to River City…"

    The show, The Music Man, co-starring Sutton Foster, faced a temporary halt with all performances being cancelled until January 5. But, the curtain was destined to rise again. And rise it did, as Jackman made his way back to the spotlight, resuming his role as Harold Hill on January 6, 2022.

    The ensemble behind the music

    This wasn’t just the Jackman show, even if his grandeur often lights up any production. Talents such as Shuler Hensley, Jefferson Mays, Jayne Houdyshell, and Marie Mullen shared the stage. The ensemble also boasted of brilliant artists like Remy Auberjonois, Gino Cosculluela, Emma Crow, and many more. Orchestrated under the direction of Jerry Zaks, the musical shimmered with choreography, costumes, and music that left audiences spellbound.

    Coming full circle

    Broadway's magic is often attributed to its resilient spirit and the passion of artists like Hugh Jackman. The incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges the theater world faces. But it also demonstrates the unyielding spirit of those who grace the stage, ensuring the show must (and does) go on. Remember to stay safe, be healthy, and always be kind – as Jackman himself aptly put it during those testing times.

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