Hugh Jackman's stabbing spree: Wolverine's sharpest memories and close calls

    Throwback to Hugh Jackman's sharp confessions on his Wolverine days, revealing on-set stabbings, close calls, and iconic moments from his journey. 

    Hugh Jackman (Source: People)

    Hugh Jackman (Source: People)

    Oh, the good ol' days when the big screens roared and rumbled with Hugh Jackman's ferocious Wolverine! Let's stroll down memory lane and revisit those edgy times when being a mutant superhero meant having to practice not to stab your co-stars. Wolverine's iconic claws are as much a part of Jackman's identity as the actor himself. But wielding them wasn't just about flexing and snarling. As Jackman once revealed in an intriguing chat with Entertainment Weekly, those metallic marvels were pretty real - and dangerous. “I can’t tell you how many people I stabbed, how I stabbed myself,” Jackman shared, “They were killing machines.”

    And if you're thinking, how bad could it be?, let's rewind to that time when Jackman accidentally stabbed the stunt double for Mystique right in the arm. Oops! But hey, the reaction from the stabbed party is what took the cake. Instead of a scream or a cry, the stunt double celebrated, exclaiming, “I’ve been stabbed by Wolverine!” Now, that's a badge of honor in Hollywood, folks!

    The claws' close calls

    While fans cheered for every swish and slash Wolverine made on screen, behind the scenes, it was all about precision, practice, and a few painful misses. Jackman humorously pointed out the need for him to rehearse so as not to wound his co-stars. But despite all the efforts, he admitted to having scars on his thighs, almost nearing some, let's say, critical regions. Talk about dedication to the craft and being too close for comfort!

    For the newer generation, let this be a lesson - behind every superhero, there's a human, with a few scars, stories, and a lot of spirit. And for the rest of us, it's a fond walk down memory lane, cherishing the times when Hugh Jackman was our beloved Wolverine, a character crafted with both passion and pain.

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