'I don't think anyone would do it': When Seth Rogen shut down hopes for 'Freaks and Geeks' revival, details on James Franco split

    A look back at Seth Rogen closing the door on any possible "Freaks and Geeks" reboot and opening up about his creative split with James Franco amid allegations. The classic show will remain untouched, according to its star-studded cast.

    Seth Rogen and James Franco (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

    Seth Rogen and James Franco (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

    "I don't think anyone would do it," said Seth Rogen, firmly putting to rest any dreams of a Freaks and Geeks revival. The show, which centered around a teen-centric storyline, starring the likes of James Franco, Jason Segel, and Busy Philipps, has remained a classic since its one-season run from 1999 to 2000.

    "It's So Rare to Have Something Just Good" - Leaving a Legacy

    Rogen's affectionate comments about the show reveal a desire to preserve its integrity. "I know enough now not to f-ck with that, to just let it be good and not try to revisit it, and just let it exist," he elaborated.

    James Franco and Seth Rogen (Source: CNN)

    James Franco's Creative Split with Rogen

    In the years following Freaks and Geeks, allegations against James Franco came to light, with claims of assault on set. In 2021, Rogen announced a formal split with Franco concerning future creative partnerships. This separation has attracted renewed attention, casting a shadow over the otherwise cherished memories of the show.

    No Sequel to "Superbad"

    Apart from Freaks and Geeks, Rogen also opened up about his views on the Superbad legacy, expressing his confidence in the uniqueness of the movie and firmly closing any doors on a potential sequel. "No one's made a good high school movie since then," Rogen reflected.

    Cast of 'Freaks and Geeks' (1999) (Source: People)

    The show's creator, Paul Feig, summed up the sentiment nicely, stating, "It's set in amber now and there's something lovely about that." Despite an offer from MTV to continue the series, the "Freaks and Geeks" team decided not to compromise on quality, a decision that continues to resonate with fans.

    This fond look back at a beloved show is tinged with bittersweet revelations about a once-prominent collaboration. Yet, the love for Freaks and Geeks endures, preserved in amber and untouched by time or scandal.

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