Inside Drake's lavish life: $250 million net worth & priceless assets revealed!

    With a net worth of a staggering $250 million, rap titan Drake doesn't just talk the talk. From a gifted $185 million jet to solid gold Jordans, we uncover the luxurious world of the Canadian rapper.

    Drake (Source: Pitchfork)

    Drake (Source: Pitchfork)

    At the age of 15, a young Aubrey Drake Graham was just another teenager with dreams. But, thanks to a role in the hit series, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Drake was soon thrust into the limelight. From there, he didn’t just soar – he dominated. Today, the Toronto-born rapper is not only one of the richest artists in the music industry, but he's also signed with Lil Wayne's high-profile label, Young Money Entertainment.

    Luxury in the skies: Air Drake unveiled

    It’s not just about the destination, but how you get there. And for Drake, the journey happens in style aboard the Air Drake Private Jet. Gifted to the artist by Cargojet, this $185 million Boeing 767 boasts opulence, with interiors lined with widescreen TVs and enough space for a 30-strong entourage. And yes, Drake’s iconic owl logo is emblazoned on the side, ensuring the world knows who’s just touched down.

    Drake (Source: The Fader)

    Assets that astonish: A glimpse into Drake's multimillion-dollar portfolio

    Let's delve deeper into the treasures this rap mogul possesses:

    Solid gold footsteps: Drake's collection boasts sneakers that may just outweigh his lyrics in gold. Allegedly crafted entirely of pure gold, these Jordans carry a value tag of around $2 million.

    Palatial mansion: Beyond the Yolo Estate, worth $7.7 million, stands Drake’s jaw-dropping Toronto mansion, a property he built from scratch, now reportedly valued at a whopping $100 million.

    Vehicular opulence: Drake’s garage is a testament to his impeccable taste. From a $1.2 million Bugatti Veyron to a $400,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom, these beasts aren’t just for travel; they’re a statement.

    Luxurious bling: The OVO Owl Chain, an ode to Drake’s music label, is rumored to be worth at least $120,000. A testament to Drake’s love for luxury, this necklace boasts over a kilo of gold and 100 karats of Asscher diamonds.

    From Degrassi to decadence, the journey of Aubrey Drake Graham is nothing short of cinematic. With a net worth pushing a quarter of a billion dollars, Drake surely boasts of assets that many can only dream of.