'It's ludicrous that it's being spun as something that offended me. It didn't,' Emily Blunt's honest revelation on Tom Cruise's comment

    Emily Blunt sets the record straight on her friendship with Tom Cruise during "Edge of Tomorrow," dismissing any offense taken at his comment. Blunt also shares insights into the 85-pound suit she wore and the intense training.

    <p>Emily Blunt (Source: Variety)</p>

    Emily Blunt (Source: Variety)

    Remember Emily Blunt's struggle in the 85-pound suit in "Edge of Tomorrow?" That bulky, unwieldy costume led to an unexpected motivational pep talk from her co-star Tom Cruise that's still being talked about today.

    "I was like, 'Tom, I'm not sure how I'm going to get through this shoot,' and just started to cry"

    In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE in December 2022, Blunt shared a vivid memory from the set of the 2014 action film, where she felt overwhelmed by the weight of her suit and started to cry. As reported by PEOPLE, Cruise, in his trademark candid manner, told her, "'Come on, stop being such a pussy, OK?'" Those words had a profound impact, not only getting her through the day but leading to laughter between the two stars.

    "The first time I put it on I just started to cry" - Facing the 85-Pound Challenge

    The challenges didn't end there. The suit, weighing an incredible 85 pounds, was a physical burden on Blunt. Reflecting on the experience, she noted that there was "nothing cozy about these suits." The weight and discomfort were so intense that it led to actual physical injury.

    Yet, Cruise's straightforward approach to motivate her gave her the strength to push through. The friendship between the two actors shines through, as Blunt herself clarified that she adores Cruise, and his comment was a light-hearted jest, something they laugh about even now.

    Tom Cruise: The Unconventional Motivator

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    In a world filled with polite euphemisms, Tom Cruise's straightforward pep talk to Emily Blunt is a refreshing reminder of the raw, real interactions that can happen behind the scenes. It might have raised eyebrows, but the bond it cemented between two talented actors is a story worth cherishing.

    Blunt's unfiltered account, along with her resilience in the face of physical challenges, adds a layer of depth to her performance in "Edge of Tomorrow" and provides fans with a glimpse into the true nature of collaboration and friendship in Hollywood.

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