Jenna Ortega spills scary details on Wednesday season 2: Horror ramps up!

    Jenna Ortega hints at a scarier Season 2 for Netflix's Wednesday, with a focus on individuality over romance. The series has soared in popularity, crossing 1 billion hours viewed.



    As nostalgia grips the heart of entertainment, it's time to take a look back at the monumental rise of Jenna Ortega and the supernatural sensation that is Netflix's Wednesday. Revisiting the past through today's lens, we uncover the evolving journey of Ortega, from her early days to becoming the face of the Addams Family's latest spin-off, a role that has etched her name in the annals of television history.


    At the core of Wednesday's success is Jenna Ortega, whose portrayal of Wednesday Addams has captivated millions worldwide. Ortega's journey with the character is one of dedication and passion. As she stepped into the limelight to promote her new film "Scream VI" and host an episode of "Saturday Night Live," Ortega shared exciting insights about the upcoming season of "Wednesday." "I think we want to up the horror aspect of it a little bit," Ortega revealed, promising a season that leans more heavily into horror while allowing Wednesday Addams to flourish as an individual, free from the constraints of romantic entanglements.

    Jenna Ortega (Source: Teen Vogue)

    Since its premiere in November 2022, Wednesday has shattered streaming records, becoming Netflix's second most popular English-language series. Within just three weeks, it amassed over 1.02 billion total hours viewed, a testament to the show's global appeal and the timeless allure of the Addams Family. Ortega's comments on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" highlighted the team's intent to dive deeper into the horror genre and explore Wednesday's character beyond typical teenage dilemmas. "Just let her be her own individual and fight her own crime," Ortega stated, echoing the sentiments of fans eager to see the character break free from clichéd narratives.

    Ortega's commitment to authenticity didn't stop at interviews. She admitted to having changed the script several times during the filming of season one to ensure that Wednesday's actions remained true to her character. "Her being in a love triangle made no sense," Ortega asserted, showcasing her protective stance over Wednesday Addams. This dedication not only endeared her to fans but also solidified her status as a formidable actor capable of shaping her character's destiny.

    As we anticipate the release of Wednesday Season 2, Jenna Ortega's insights serve as a beacon of excitement and curiosity. Her determination to enhance the horror elements and focus on individuality promises a season that will not only entertain but also challenge the norms of character development in supernatural series. With a cast that brilliantly complements Ortega's vision, Wednesday is set to redefine the genre once again.

    In a world where nostalgia and innovation collide, Jenna Ortega's journey with "Wednesday" symbolizes the evolving landscape of entertainment. From breaking records to breaking stereotypes, Ortega and Wednesday remind us that at the heart of every story lies the power of individuality and the courage to redefine boundaries.

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