Joaquin Phoenix: The bold voice of BAFTAs 2020 controversy

    Revisiting Joaquin Phoenix's unforgettable 2020 BAFTA speech where he courageously tackled the industry's diversity issue, sparking widespread conversations and praise.

    Joaquin Phoenix (Source: British GQ)

    Joaquin Phoenix (Source: British GQ)

    In 2020, award ceremonies were not just a platform for recognizing talent but became a stage for powerful socio-political statements. And leading the charge was Joaquin Phoenix, whose audacious words at BAFTA stirred both admiration and uncomfortable introspection within the film fraternity. A time when BAFTA was under scrutiny for its all-white acting nominees, Phoenix, while accepting his Best Actor award, vocalized his own conflicts with the recognition. "We send a very clear message to people of colour that ‘you’re not welcome here.'"

    Phoenix remarked, a line that would be quoted and remembered for years to come. He didn't just question the system but acknowledged his own role, stating, “I’m ashamed to say that I’m part of the problem”. His words echoed the sentiments of many, drawing attention to the much-contested hashtag #BaftasSoWhite. In a time of political correctness, Phoenix’s raw honesty was both brave and necessary.

    The awkward silence that spoke volumes

    His powerful message was met with what filmmaker Lulu Wang described as an “uncomfortable silence … for a long noticeable moment”. Such reactions exemplified the industry's struggle with confronting its diversity challenges. But amidst the silence and discomfort, Phoenix’s speech gained traction, with netizens and industry insiders alike labeling it as pertinent and essential.

    Other voices of the night

    Phoenix wasn't the only one commenting on the glaring lack of diversity. Host Graham Norton humorously remarked 2019 as “the year when white men finally broke through”, while Rebel Wilson took jabs at the disparity being celebrated. Even Prince William, Bafta’s president, hinted at the controversy, emphasizing the need for more diversity. The event also saw popular wins like Micheal Ward's rising star award and accolades for Bong Joon-ho and Taika Waititi, both notable figures in the discourse on representation in cinema.

    Looking back

    Three years later, as we reflect on that momentous evening, Phoenix’s words continue to resonate. His call to action, urging for a better understanding of systemic racism, is a reminder of the distance the industry still has to cover. The actor's commitment to change didn't just stop at his speech. That very day, Phoenix championed for a meat-free world, highlighting his dedication to societal betterment. In a world of fleeting moments and ever-evolving narratives, some speeches stand the test of time. Joaquin Phoenix's BAFTA 2020 address is undoubtedly one of them.

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