Kim Kardashian unveils her wishlist for a partner on The Kardashians

    In a fresh clip from this week's episode, Kim casually goes over her partner wish list with her friends.

    <p>Kim Kardashian (Source: Variety)</p>

    Kim Kardashian (Source: Variety)

    Kim spilled the beans about her partner wish list to her friends, who also recently tied the knot – Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage. They were on a plane when Kim chimed in with advice on how to keep a relationship going strong despite busy lives and constant travel.

    She said, "I can be away from someone for months, and it makes our time together so special and exciting. We start missing each other." Kim went on to stress, "The most important thing in a relationship is having a true partner by your side."

    An Ever-Growing Wishlist for Love

    Kim Kardashian (Source:InStyle)

    Soon enough, the conversation takes a turn, and Kim takes her chance to share her thoughts on where she envisions her own love life heading and with whom. "I've got a manifest list with all these amazing qualities so I can manifest like nobody's business," she reveals to the hairstylist and actor.

    In a subsequent confessional, Kim reflects, saying, "I believe the list keeps evolving and expanding," followed by a chuckle. She adds, "And I won't quit until he ticks off every single one of those qualities."

    Kim's Confident Manifestation

    Later, she turns to the camera, showcasing her trademark fourth-wall-breaking style, and confidently declares, "Manifesting is one of my skills, so brace yourself, world!" Get ready for the love!

    Kim Kardashian (Source: Billboard)

    Kim's enthusiastic declaration speaks to her strong resolve in manifesting the love she craves. Her confident and fearless outlook suggests exciting things are on the horizon, keeping fans eager to see what's next in her love life.

    In this fun and candid glimpse into Kim Kardashian's love life and her talent for manifesting, we see a lively and determined side of the reality star. With her easygoing style and fearless approach, Kim keeps us on our toes, excited to see where her romantic journey leads. Get ready for more love and adventures in Kim Kardashian's world.