Madame Tussauds reveals Justin Bieber wax figure to celebrate singer's 30th birthday

    The wax figure is styled after Bieber's appearance in his 2021 Peaches music video.

    Justin Bieber (Source: CNN)

    Justin Bieber (Source: CNN)

    Justin Bieber showcases his peaches in Georgia and his wax figures in Hollywood. In honor of his 30th birthday on Friday (March 1), Madame Tussauds has revealed a new life-size replica of the singer. The statue, currently exhibited at the museum's Hollywood Boulevard location, captures Bieber's likeness from his 2021 hit music video Peaches.

    In images of the new exhibit, Bieber's figure is seen beside a vibrant blue and purple balloon arrangement, along with illuminated 3 and 0 signs, marking the commencement of his new decade. The two-time Grammy winner was initially immortalized as a Madame Tussauds wax figure at the age of 17.

    Justin Bieber (Source: France 24)

    From Las Vegas Muscles to Hollywood Peaches

    In 2016, Bieber was once more replicated in wax, this time depicted shirtless at Madame Tussauds' Las Vegas location. Adorned in nothing but leather pants and a selection of silver jewelry, the figure in Sin City offered fans a chance to closely examine the star's muscular physique and tattoos.

    Bieber's 30th birthday marks the culmination of a decade filled with success, during which the Ontario native released three studio albums since turning 20 in 2014 — Purpose (2015), Changes (2020), and Justice (2021), all of which debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart.

    Celebrating Bieber

    Turning 30, Bieber is being celebrated by his friends and family through heartfelt social media posts. On Friday, wife Hailey Bieber took to Instagram to extend birthday wishes to her husband, sharing several photos of the couple alongside throwback images of a young Justin.

    Apart from his milestone birthday, Justin recently took the stage for his first solo performance in over a year at Drake's History Club in Toronto last month, leading up to the 2024 NHL All-Star Weekend. The setlist included hits like his My World 2.0 singles Eenie Meenie and Baby, as well as more recent chart-toppers such as Peaches and Ghost.