'No, no, no thank you’: When Geena Davis dropped the curtain on Bill Murray's uncomfortable antics

    Geena Davis revealed unsettling experiences working with Bill Murray, sparking renewed scrutiny of the actor. Davis described Murray's domineering behavior and allegations that led to a suspension in the production of Aziz Ansari's movie "Being Mortal."

    Geena Davis and Bill Murray (Source: People)

    Geena Davis and Bill Murray (Source: People)

    "Beloved Icon or Bully?": Geena Davis Drops Bombshells on Bill Murray

    Geena Davis has been in the game long enough to know that not all that glitters in Hollywood are gold. In her eye-opening book "Dying of Politeness," Davis takes us backstage, painting an unflattering picture of her one-time director, Bill Murray. "Pushing women to do things that would make them uncomfortable" is how Davis describes her stint with the guy we all thought could crash a wedding for laughs. 

    A "Thumper" of a Story

    While promoting her book, Davis appeared on "On With Kara Swisher" and opened up about an awkward encounter in a hotel suite with Murray. "Hey, have you ever tried the thumper?" Murray asked. When Davis inquired further, Murray allegedly insisted she lie down to try a "giant massage device with big handles on it," despite her clear refusal. According to Davis, Murray simply seemed to be testing if he could "force her to do something inappropriate," as reported by The A.V. Club.

    Bill Murray and Geena Davis (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

    Screaming Behind the Scenes

    It appears that Murray's oppressive behavior didn't stop in the hotel room. On the very first day of shooting "Quick Change," the actor allegedly confronted Davis, outfitted in a clown costume no less, and shouted expletives. "Get the f*ck out there! What the f*ck are you doing? Move! Move!" Davis revealed that he continued his tirade until they reached the set. A professional humiliation session, ladies and gentlemen.

    Geena Davis and Bill Murray (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

    It's a story as shocking as it is disappointing, shaking our faith in Hollywood legends. Davis notes she was "literally shaking" after the incident, a sentiment many of us might share after hearing these revelations. But there's the twist — Murray's actions led Searchlight Pictures to suspend the production of Aziz Ansari's movie "Being Mortal." No one seems immune from the consequences, not even a screen legend like Bill Murray.

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