When Bill Murray was spotted holding hands: New love with Hollywood’s Jeannie Berlin?

    72-year-old Bill Murray turned heads with unexpected PDA at the SAG Awards, hand-in-hand with Hollywood's Jeannie Berlin. A love story in the spotlight?

    Bill Murray and Jeannie Berlin (Source: People)

    Bill Murray and Jeannie Berlin (Source: People)

    The enigmatic Bill Murray has always been Hollywood's wild card. The comedian's antics are the stuff of legend, and at 72, he's still full of surprises. Most recently, this Ghostbusters icon made waves by openly displaying affection at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, as reported by the Daily Mail.

    Hand-in-Hand with Hollywood's Gem

    Jeannie Berlin, the 73-year-old actress known for her illustrious role in "The Fabelmans," was Murray's date for the evening. The two were more than just two stars crossing paths. They held hands with a familiarity that whispered more than just camaraderie. "It is a rare move for Murray to put on any display of affection with a woman at a star-studded event as he usually arrives alone," noted the Daily Mail. The sight of them leaving the exclusive Hotel Bel-Air, fingers entwined, became the talk of Tinseltown.

    Bill Murray and Jeannie Berlin (Source: Daily Mail)

    Murray's Romantic Past: A Brief Rewind

    Before Jeannie, Murray's romantic history has been colorful. He's been linked with the likes of musician Jenny Lewis and TV journalist Joan Lunden in years past. Plus, he has had two marriages that graced the tabloids. But this recent SAG Awards spectacle? It's an entirely fresh chapter.

    A SAG Awards Snafu: Even Stars Have to Wait

    Murray's evening wasn't just about potential romance. A minor fiasco at the Fairmont Century Plaza hotel had stars, including Murray, waiting due to fire safety protocols. Variety co-editor-in-chief Ramin Setoodeh tweeted about the chaos, highlighting Murray's visible impatience, "Even Bill Murray has to wait. This is madness!"

    Bill Murray and Jeannie Berlin (Source: Daily Mail)

    Stellar Past, Bright Future?

    Murray's achievements at the SAG Awards have been commendable, with nominations for memorable performances in "A Very Murray Christmas," "The Grand Budapest Hotel," and "Lost in Translation." But this year, the limelight was undeniably on his off-stage chemistry with Berlin.

    After the glittering event, Murray was seen jet-setting from LA. Dressed in casual attire, he seemed ready for new adventures. And with Jeannie Berlin now in the picture, one can't help but wonder: Is Hollywood's eternal bachelor penning a new romantic chapter? Only time, and perhaps the next red carpet, will tell.

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