Oscar Turmoil: 5 Major scandals and controversies that shook Hollywood

    Explore five major scandals and controversies that sent shockwaves through Hollywood.

    Oscar Controversies

    Oscar Controversies

    As the Academy Awards celebrates its 95th anniversary this year, the glitz of the red carpet and star-studded couples command attention. However, Hollywood's biggest night isn't immune to scandal and controversy. In an industry known for drama, the Oscars often unveil whispers and disputes, particularly with award upsets.

    Before this year's Academy Awards, let's revisit some of the most notable scandals and controversies that have rocked the Oscars in the past.

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    Marlon Brando Declines His Best Actor Award

    Marlon Brando's portrayal of Don Corleone in The Godfather is hailed as one of cinema's finest, earning him the Best Actor Academy Award in 1973. However, Brando stunned audiences by declining the award. Instead, he sent Apache actress Sacheen Littlefeather to deliver a speech protesting the mistreatment of Native Americans in the film industry.

    Amidst a mix of reactions, Littlefeather boldly represented Brando, offering to share his extensive speech with the press after the event. Allegedly, she was warned to shorten the speech to 60 seconds or face arrest.

    Littlefeather at the Oscars

    Cher Steals The Red Carpet

    In 1986, the Oscars red carpet witnessed a fashion moment that stirred controversy unlike any other: Cher's daring Bob Mackie creation. Featuring a dramatically low-waisted skirt, a delicate barely-there crop top, and an eye-catching feathered headpiece, the ensemble sparked plenty of conversation and debate.

    Cher at the Oscars (Source: Instagram)

    Driving Miss Daisy Wins Best Picture

    While Driving Miss Daisy was undoubtedly a worthy film, its win for Best Picture in 1990 was not without controversy. The issue ran deeper than simply one film triumphing over another. In 1989, Spike Lee's acclaimed Do The Right Thing, a raw portrayal of police brutality and racial violence, received widespread acclaim and was deemed film of the year by many critics.

    Shockingly, the Academy largely overlooked it, with its only nominations being for Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor (won by Spike Lee and Danny Aiello, respectively). The victory of another film, which depicted race relations in a more sanitized manner, for Best Picture further exacerbated the situation.

    Driving Miss Daisy (Source: X)

    La La Land Accidentally Read Out As Best Picture

    Some Oscars scandals are etched in memory forever, with vivid recollections of where you were. Take the unforgettable moment when Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty announced "La La Land" as the Best Picture winner, leading the entire cast and crew onstage for their speeches—only for producer Jordan Horowitz to reveal the true winner: "Moonlight."

    La La Land (Source: IMDb)

    The Oscars Slap

    The 2022 Oscars took a dramatic turn midway through when Will Smith strode onto the stage, slapped host Chris Rock, and shouted, "Keep my wife's name out of your f***ing mouth!" Smith's outburst was provoked by a joke Rock made about Jada Pinkett Smith's shaved head. Following the incident, Smith resigned from the Academy and apologized to Chris Rock.

    Chris Rock and Will Smith (Source: The New York Times)