Robert Downey Jr on his Hollywood journey so far

    After snagging an Oscar for Oppenheimer, the actor shares insights into his up-and-down career.

    Robert Downey Jr. (Source:X)

    Robert Downey Jr. (Source:X)

    Robert Downey Jr. is reflecting on his Hollywood journey after scoring his first Oscar. During his acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actor, he addressed his struggles with drug addiction in the late '90s and early 2000s, adding emotional depth to the moment.

    Not long after, the star of Oppenheimer, who will soon take on four roles in the HBO espionage drama The Sympathizer set to release on April 14, looked back on his transformation from an uninsurable actor to an Oscar winner in an interview with People.

    Robert Downey Jr. (Source: X)

    Robert Downey Jr.'s Off-Screen Impact

    "I think if you develop a moral psychology, things are a lot easier," remarked Downey, emphasizing the difficulty of justifying certain behaviors when there are avenues for healing. Beyond the glare of the spotlight, those in Downey's inner circle attest to his quietly dedicated efforts in aiding others.

    Fellow Avengers star Jeremy Renner, who found himself in the ICU last January after a harrowing snowplow accident, describes Downey's actions as heartwarming, highlighting how Downey checked in on him regularly. Despite his many acts of kindness, the majority of Downey's altruistic gestures remain unpublicized.

    Robert Downey Jr. (Source: X)

    A Strong Partnership

    In the interview, Downey is accompanied by his wife Susan, with whom he has been married for 18 years. They work together at their production company, Team Downey, and have cultivated a solid foundation at home. They make it a point not to go two weeks without seeing each other, and their family dinners are always both joyful and punctual.

    From ensuring the house is stocked with supplies for pancake art to belting out tunes at jam sessions with their children Exton, 12, Avri, 9, and Indio, 30, Downey fully embraces family life. "He really cares about whatever they care about," Susan shares. and that the actor aims to offer the stability that he may not have always had to his kids.

    Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey at the Oscars (Source: THR)

    During the March 10 Oscars, memories of his late father, a renowned indie filmmaker who passed away in 2021, flooded back for the actor. He revealed that although his father rarely commented on his work, he always believed that his son should have won the Oscar for his performance in Chaplin, for which he was nominated for Best Actor in 1993.