Revisiting Jennifer Aniston's 2022 revelations: The truth behind the IVF struggle & ex Justin Theroux's support

    Revisiting 2022: When Jennifer Aniston opened up about her IVF journey, getting support from ex Justin Theroux, and debunking Brad Pitt child rumors.

    Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux (Source: The Today Show)

    Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux (Source: The Today Show)

    Ah, 2022. A year that unveiled some candid revelations from Hollywood’s darling, Jennifer Aniston. As the golden leaves of October floated down, Aniston bared her heart to Allure magazine, unraveling more than just a cover story.

    The IVF struggle & Justin Theroux’s loving gesture

    Aniston’s Instagram was ablaze with photos from the Allure shoot. Among the myriad of comments, one stood out: a heartwarming “👊 ❤️” from none other than her ex-husband, Justin Theroux. Given the subject of her candid conversation, that simple gesture seemed heavier than a thousand words.

    Opening up about her heart-wrenching journey through IVF treatments, Aniston confessed to the "hard st**" she experienced in her pursuit of motherhood. She expressed her regrets in a conversation with Allure magazine, saying, "I would've given anything if someone had said to me, 'Freeze your eggs. Do yourself a favor.' "

    Aniston, Brad Pitt, and the child rumor mill

    The 2022 Allure article wasn't just about IVF. It stirred memories of the rumor mills that churned post her split from Brad Pitt. The Friends icon didn’t mince her words. Referring to speculations that she denied Pitt a child, Aniston declared, "It was absolute lies. I don’t have anything to hide at this point."

    In the years that followed, Aniston's amicable relationships with both Pitt and Theroux were apparent. Their public appearances, like her reunion with Theroux at the Facts of Life live-taping in December 2021, showed that bonds can evolve but never truly break.

    A look back from 2023

    Today, as we look back at Aniston’s 2022 revelations, they serve as a poignant reminder. Of the pressures of stardom, the strength in vulnerability, and the beauty of evolved relationships. Through her story, Jennifer Aniston didn’t just share a personal struggle, but rather, she became the voice for many who tread silently on the same path.

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