Robert Downey Jr. playfully references his dwindling credibility in supporting actor BAFTA acceptance speech

    The actor also humorously referred to Oppenheimer director Chris Nolan as "that dude" during his speech at London's Royal Festival Hall.

    Robert Downey Jr. (Source: X)

    Robert Downey Jr. (Source: X)

    Robert Downey Jr. adds another trophy to his collection for his role in "Oppenheimer" and seizes yet another chance to playfully jest about his own career. The actor clinched the award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Lewis Strauss in the Christopher Nolan-directed drama at the 2024 BAFTA Film Awards held on Sunday.

    During his acceptance speech, he swiftly—and in typical Downey Jr. fashion, with a touch of sarcasm—reflected on his acting journey, spanning from his teenage years to his Marvel fame.

    Downey Jr.'s Witty Reflections

    "When I was 15, I wanted to be Peter O’Toole. When I was 25, I worked for Richard Attenborough and Anthony Hopkins,” Downey Jr. said. "When I was 35, I finally understood why Dickie thought Tony would be a better role model for me than Peter."

    He continued, noting that at the age of 42, he collaborated on two films with Guy Ritchie and gained insight into the art of crafting major Hollywood productions with a touch of British elegance, alluding to 2009's Sherlock Holmes and its 2011 sequel.

    From Marvel Superhero to Understated Performances

    Downey Jr. also acknowledged his decade-long portrayal of Tony Stark, the beloved genius of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is often regarded as his most iconic role." Recently, that dude Chris Nolan suggested I attempt an understated approach as a last-ditch effort to perhaps resurrect my dwindling credibility."

    In his BAFTA category, Downey Jr. faced competition from Robert De Niro for Killers of the Flower Moon, Jacob Elordi for Saltburn, Ryan Gosling for Barbie, Paul Mescal for All of Us Strangers, and Dominic Sessa for The Holdovers.

    Alongside his BAFTA win, Downey Jr. has scooped up a Golden Globe and Critics' Choice Award for his performance in Oppenheimer this award season. Additionally, he's up for a SAG Award and an Oscar nomination.

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