Ryan Gosling's hilarious breakdown with Harrison Ford: A whiskey-fueled interview

    In a rare and hilarious turn, Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford were left in stitches by Alison Hammond during a Blade Runner 2049 interview, making it an unforgettable moment.

    Ryan Gosling

    Ryan Gosling

    In the bustling world of Hollywood interviews, where canned responses are the norm, a memorable encounter between Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, and British talk show host Alison Hammond stands out as a beacon of genuine hilarity. Promoting their film, Blade Runner 2049, the trio delivered an interview so filled with laughter and spontaneity, it quickly became the stuff of legend.

    Harrison Ford

    The interview took an unexpected turn right from the start when Hammond, in a masterstroke of ingenuity, presented Ford and Gosling with drinking glasses reminiscent of those from the original Blade Runner. "That’s so cool that you did that," Gosling remarked, only for Hammond to deadpan, "Never seen it," setting the tone for what was to become an interview unlike any other.

    Ryan Gosling (Source: Cosmopolitan)

    Ford, known for his taciturn nature, and Gosling, the epitome of polite charm, were transformed under Hammond's playful interrogation. Ford's dry wit and Gosling's infectious laughter were on full display, particularly in moments like Ford's "‘So what?’" response to being asked about his reaction to the new Blade Runner movie, and Gosling opting to assist the camera crew in an attempt to compose himself.

    This interview did more than just entertain. It showcased a seldom-seen side of Gosling and Ford, revealing their capacity for humor during the often grueling press circuit. "Who needs bland quotes about how thrilling it is to be a part of the Blade Runner family or whatever when you can get Harrison Ford to let loose and cackle like a gleeful sea witch?" the article reflects, highlighting the refreshing break from the norm this interview provided.

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    As we look back on this moment, it's a poignant reminder of the magic that can happen when the walls between stars and the media crumble, if only for a brief moment. Gosling and Ford, with their laughter and good spirits, along with Hammond's disarming charm, created an interview that remains a highlight in the annals of celebrity journalism.

    In an industry often criticized for its lack of authenticity, this whiskey-fueled encounter between Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, and Alison Hammond serves as a testament to the unforgettable moments that can emerge when stars align, both figuratively and literally. As we revisit this gem from the past, it's a warm reminder that behind the glitz and glamour, the heart of Hollywood is all about storytelling, connection, and yes, even a good laugh.

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