Scarlett Johansson anticipates a Marvel miracle for Black Widow's return: 5 other characters we long to see back in the MCU

    Scarlett Johansson has expressed her view that it would require a "Marvel miracle" for Black Widow to make a return to the MCU. 

    <p>Black Widow (Source: IMDB)</p>

    Black Widow (Source: IMDB)

    During a Monday appearance on the Today show to discuss her skincare line, The Outset, the 38-year-old actress playfully addressed the ongoing speculation surrounding her potential return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as her iconic superhero character.

    "I think it was the end, right? ... She passed," Johansson mentioned to Savannah Guthrie, referring to the poignant scene in Avengers: Endgame where Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow sacrifices herself to acquire the Soul Stone from Thanos, saving the life of Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton/Hawkeye.

    Johansson added a touch of humor to her response, stating, "It would be a miracle. It would be a real Marvel miracle. It would be a marvel. But who knows?" The actress shared this light-hearted remark during her conversation with Guthrie, 51.

    Marvel Studios Contemplates Bold Moves

    Marvel Studios is grappling with the challenge of maintaining the high standards of its work and audience engagement, particularly in the aftermath of a surge in Disney Plus programming and less-than-impressive box office performances, coupled with mixed critical responses. In response, potential solutions reportedly include scaling back production output, cutting budgets and expectations, and, intriguingly, contemplating the resurrection of iconic characters like Iron Man and Black Widow.

    Sources suggest that there have been discussions about reuniting the original Avengers team for a new movie, a prospect that would involve bringing back Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man and Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow, both of whom met their demise in Endgame. However, it's emphasized that the studio has yet to fully commit to this concept.

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    If that's the scenario, here is a list of five characters we would love to witness making a comeback in the MCU:

    Iron Man

    Robert Downey Jr.'s return as Iron Man to the MCU is highly anticipated for its potential to infuse the cinematic landscape with the unparalleled charisma, wit, and depth he brought to the character. Fans yearn for the unique blend of charm and complexity that defined his portrayal, enhancing the Marvel experience.

    Captain America

    Chris Evans' portrayal of Captain America in the MCU is celebrated for embodying heroism, integrity, and leadership. Fans eagerly anticipate his potential return, seeking more of the iconic character's inspirational presence and the dynamic chemistry Evans brings to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    Ulysses Klaue

    The character's unique blend of charm and villainy, coupled with Serkis' exceptional performance, left a lasting impression. The prospect of Klaue's resurgence promises to inject dynamic energy and suspense into future Marvel storylines.


    Anthony Hopkins' portrayal of Odin in the MCU is iconic, infusing the character with regal gravitas and complexity. Fans yearn for his return, anticipating more of Odin's wise and commanding presence, as Hopkins' performance elevated the Asgardian ruler to legendary status in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    Peggy Carter

    Hayley Atwell's portrayal of Peggy Carter in the MCU is beloved for its strength, intelligence, and grace. Fans eagerly desire her return, anticipating more of Peggy's compelling character, her impact on the Marvel narrative, and the dynamic chemistry she shares with other iconic figures in the cinematic universe.