Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce vs. Hailee Steinfeld & Josh Allen: NFL power couples

    As the NFL season heats up, so does the off-field action with Taylor Swift's new flame Travis Kelce and Hailee Steinfeld's budding romance with Josh Allen turning heads!

    Hailee Steinfeld and Taylor Swift (Source: People)

    Hailee Steinfeld and Taylor Swift (Source: People)

    Amidst the adrenaline-packed plays and roaring touchdowns, the NFL's spotlight isn't just on the players' athletic prowess this season. Instead, it's sharing space with a new breed of A-listers - our very own pop icons. Taylor Swift and Hailee Steinfeld have stormed the stadiums, and here's the lowdown.

    Swift-Kelce duo: Touchdown in love?

    The whirlwind romance rumors between Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce have got the grapevine buzzing. The speculation peaked when Swift was spotted next to Kelce's mum, Donna, during a game, cementing the whispers. With two Chiefs game appearances under her belt, the team seems invincible, boasting a 2-0 record with the pop princess in the stands. The NFL's official social channels have even playfully embraced their newfound Swiftie fanbase, updating profile images in an ode to the Grammy legend.

    Steinfeld & Allen: Pitch-perfect harmony

    While Taylor and Travis are making waves, there's another contender in the celebrity-NFL love saga. The enchanting actress and pop sensation, Hailee Steinfeld, has been linked to Buffalo Bills' quarterback Josh Allen. The whispers began in May, but recently, Steinfeld was spotted shopping with none other than Allen's mother, Lavonne. The duo seems to be getting serious, with their Mexican getaway in July adding more fuel to the fire. Steinfeld, known for her role in Pitch Perfect 2 and the Marvel series Hawkey, boasts a staggering 21 million Instagram followers, dwarfing Allen's own following. Allen, however, seemed rather modest about the romance, stating, "The fact that anybody cares about that, still blows my mind," during his appearance on the Pardon My Take Podcast.

    Taking the love game international

    As Allen preps for the Buffalo Bills' face-off against the Jacksonville Jaguars in London's Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, eyes are peeled to see if Steinfeld will be cheering her beau from the stands. Allen's focus is undoubtedly on the game, especially considering his massive $258m contract that runs through 2028. But will the allure of love and the bustling streets of London offer a refreshing respite? Only time will tell. While touchdowns, tackles, and turnovers are the heart of the NFL, this season, love seems to be in the air, proving that perhaps, love truly is the ultimate sport!

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