Tears, tributes & tokens: Sophie Turner's nostalgic 'Game of Thrones' farewell

    A walk down the memory lane as Sophie Turner reflects on her iconic role as Sansa Stark, the emotional final moments of 'Game of Thrones', and her journey beyond the wall of Westeros.

    <p>Sophie Turner (Source: Popsugar)</p>

    Sophie Turner (Source: Popsugar)

    In the ever-twisting tale of Westeros, Sansa Stark emerged as a beacon of resilience and cunning. But behind those steely eyes was Sophie Turner, an actress whose adolescence was intertwined with the tumultuous world of 'Game of Thrones.'

    The end of an era & emotional goodbyes

    "It’s been nearly a decade for me," Sophie said, "The majority of my life. I’m still very much processing it." The absence of a grand wrap party meant individual goodbyes on the sets. For Sophie, Spain was where she bid adieu to her character. Recalling the intense shoot, she mentioned how the exhaustive scenes left her longing for a break. However, when the creators, David and Dan, along with the entire team surprised her with a personal farewell, it was an emotional avalanche: "I was an emotional wreck for hours."

    Sophie Turner in Game of Thrones (Source: The Statesman)

    With raw emotion evident, she talked about the gift she received: "All the actors got a hand-drawn storyboard of their favorite or most important scene from Game of Thrones. In my case, it was the storyboard of Sansa’s last scene. I bawled my eyes out and couldn’t stop shaking and crying for hours."

    Growing up in the limelight & friendship chronicles

    Navigating the unpredictable landscapes of Westeros, Sophie's own journey wasn't without challenges. "I grew up in the spotlight from the age of 13 to 21... It wasn’t easy at times for me," she said, underlining the complexities of growing up under scrutiny and playing a character like Sansa, who endured so much.

    However, amidst the maelstrom, Maisie Williams, and Arya Stark, stood as a pillar of support. The camaraderie between the two Stark sisters wasn't just a reel story. "Maisie has been a big help and a wonderful friend to me over the years... We’ve both leaned on each other for support during those times when we felt out of place and a bit lost."

    Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams (Source: Glamour)

    Souvenirs from Westeros

    While she didn't make away with the sword like some of her co-stars, Sophie managed to sneak her corset as a memento. “So I took my corset. I tried to take my necklace with the mini sword on the end, but they want to use that for exhibitions," she chuckled.

    As 2023 beckons, Sophie Turner's transformative journey from a young Stark to a powerhouse performer is truly an epic for the ages. Westeros might be a chapter of the past, but the memories and moments are indelible imprints on the canvas of television history.

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