The Regime: Kate Winslet makes TV comeback as a dictator in HBO's limited series

    In a recent interview, the actress delved into details about her latest project, the new limited series Regime.

    Kate Winslet (Source: X)

    Kate Winslet (Source: X)

    In HBO's The Regime, Kate Winslet embodies Elena Vernham, the captivating yet authoritarian leader of a small European nation. As the autocratic chancellor, Elena's character fluctuates between being charismatic, oblivious, and tyrannical.

    Winslet mentions that upon reading the script by creator Will Tracy (known for Succession and The Menu), she encountered something entirely new. She had never encountered a character as unique, unusual, and simultaneously dislikable as the one portrayed.

    Kate Winslet (Source: X)

    Behind the Scenes of The Regime

    The narrative unfolds over the course of a year within the crumbling palace of a regime, helmed by the volatile and paranoid Chancellor Elena Vernham (portrayed by Winslet). Joining the cast are Hugh Grant as her political adversary, Andrea Riseborough as the palace manager, and Martha Plimpton as a US Senator.

    Winslet recalled a humorous incident during filming, recounting how two individuals had to be escorted off the set for laughing during a particularly intimate scene. One of them was Alwin Kuchler, the cinematographer, who was a repeat offender, along with a member of the hair and makeup team.

    The Regime (Source: Youtube)

    Kate Winslet Reflects on TV Roles

    When questioned about the series' longevity, Winslet draws parallels to inquiries about another HBO limited series, Mare of Easttown. Having previously starred in the 2011 HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce, which earned her an Emmy, she reflects on her TV roles as immersive experiences, providing the connection she sought after emerging from the isolation of the pandemic.

    Currently, Winslet embodies the persona of Elena as The Regime unfolds its narrative in the upcoming weeks. Unlike Winslet herself, Elena is a character whose words cannot be blindly trusted. Tune in for new episodes of The Regime airing Sunday on HBO.