'There's no way the events of that show won't affect things' - The Boys Season 4 release date and spin-off Gen V hints

    Fans eagerly awaiting The Boys Season 4 face a delay until mid-late 2023, but with the exciting spin-off Gen V and the enthralling universe of The Boys to explore, there's plenty to keep audiences entertained.

    <p>The Boys (Source: IMDb)</p>

    The Boys (Source: IMDb)

    "Stay Tuned to Bam Smack Pow!" bellow fans of Amazon Prime Video's hit series, The Boys, as they must now wait until mid-late 2023 for the much-anticipated season 4. But fear not, fellow fans! There's plenty to delve into while the countdown continues.

    Rewatch, Rejoice, and Revel in the Spin-offs!

    Firstly, there's the joy of rewatching the series, as reported by Bam Smack Pow. With three heart-thumping seasons of The Boys on Amazon Prime, plus an animated series called The Boys Presents: Diabolical, fans can relive the magic while picking up on details they may have missed the first time around.

    Then, there's Gen V, the tantalizing spin-off where Vought International runs a college specifically for people with powers. "What could go wrong?" fans might jest, as the trailer leaves them aching for more.

    Predicting the Unpredictable: Season 4 Release

    (Source: Variety)

    Mid-late 2023 is when fans can expect The Boys season 4 to hit the screens. The show has been filming since August, and with some cast members wrapping up, the post-production process will soon take over.

    Fans longing for updates will be pleased with the social media team behind the show, creatively announcing new cast members, sharing entertaining pics, videos, and even fake endorsements by characters like A-Train and The Deep.

    Dive into the Original Comics

    For the more daring, the original comics await. "It's full of mature subjects and language that could be offensive," warns the writer, but if you're courageous enough to venture into the comic books, a deeper understanding of heroes, villains, and the universe unfolds.

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    So, as the wait for season 4 continues, fans can immerse themselves in previous seasons, spin-offs, and comics. "How will you pass the time waiting for The Boys season 4?" asks Bam Smack Pow, leaving fans to ponder their next move in this thrilling universe.

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