Tom Hiddleston came up with the touching Thor moment you saw in the Loki Season 2 finale

Loki's Season 2 finale gets even sweeter with a throwback to Thor, and guess what? It was Tom Hiddleston's own idea.

<p>Loki (Source: IMDB)</p>

Loki (Source: IMDB)

The Marvel Disney+ show concluded its second season this week, seemingly saying goodbye to Tom Hiddleston's Loki. To stop the universe from collapsing in on itself, Loki learns to control his time-slipping, using it to go back further and further in time. With help from Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), Mobius (Owen Wilson), and O.B. (Ke Huy Quan), he tries again and again to fix the TVA's temporal loom and prevent a meltdown. But every time he goes back, he fails, and he spends literal centuries reliving the same events over and over.

Throne of Threads:

So, Loki faces the music and decides to sacrifice himself to save the entire universe. Heading towards the temporal loom, he grabs space-time itself, creating a throne by weaving threads into a tree - a shoutout to Norse mythology's Yggdrasil. In this epic move, Loki declares himself the boss of the multiverse, keeping an eye on every timeline as a bit of a lonely god. Quite a change for a guy who once summoned an alien invasion on New York just to get his dad's attention.

Loki Season 2 (Source: CNET)

Now, Kevin Wright, the executive producer, spills the beans on the emotional finale, covering everything from Hiddleston's off-the-cuff throwback line to whether this is the end for Loki.

Loki's Throwback to 2011

As Loki gears up to embrace his newfound responsibility, he shares a poignant moment with Sylvie and Mobius, saying, "For you. For all of us."

Die-hard Thor fans may recognize this line from as far back as 2011, in the original Thor movie. Just before Loki let himself fall into space, he passionately shouted to Odin, "I could have done it. For you, for all of us!" A powerful callback that adds a meaningful layer to Loki's character journey.

Loki Season 2 (Source: TheWrap)

The intentional callback was entirely Tom Hiddleston's brainchild, as shared by co-director Aaron Moorhead with "On the day, we were working with that line, and originally, it didn't include the callback to Thor. As we did multiple takes because it was his final line, Tom suggested, 'What if we did a callback to the very beginning?' We tried it in one take, and we instantly knew, that's the one."

This heartstring-tugging moment takes on an even more poignant quality knowing it was an improvised addition, adding an extra layer of emotional impact.

As fans reflect on this powerful evolution of Loki's character, it serves as a fitting testament to the depth and nuance brought to the Marvel Cinematic Universe by both the actor and the creative team behind the show.