Usher shares insights on co-parenting and navigating parenthood with a child managing Type 1 Diabetes

    Usher, in collaboration with Sanofi to raise awareness about Type 1 diabetes testing, delves into his co-parenting experience.

    Usher (Source: Billboard)

    Usher (Source: Billboard)

    When Usher and his former wife, Tameka Foster, learned that their oldest child, Usher Raymond V, now 15, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes years ago, their world was turned upside down. "The moment Type 1 diabetes entered our lives, it was like having to adapt to a whole new way of living. Everything we knew changed," the 45-year-old Grammy-winning artist explains. 

    This chronic condition, where the pancreas can't produce enough insulin, often necessitating insulin injections to regulate blood sugar levels, brought about a significant shift in their lives.

    Common Ground

    The key to making it work for Usher and Foster, who also have their 14-year-old son, Naviyd Eli Raymond, is simply understanding. Usher highlights that they each have their own experiences, and the magic happens when they find common ground.

     He puts it this way, "She's living her life, I'm living mine, and if we can meet somewhere in the middle to make good decisions while being mindful and sensitive to each other's feelings, that's a win-win for all of us.

    Usher (Source: NBC)

    Usher's Partnership with Sanofi's One Pledge Challenge

    Usher has recently joined forces with Sanofi's One Pledge Challenge to raise awareness about early detection of Type 1 diabetes, a cause he wishes he had been aware of years ago. Reflecting on his experience, he expressed, "I truly wish I had been better prepared back then; it would have made a world of difference."

    Having supported his child in coping with this condition for years, Usher now places a strong emphasis on achieving a sense of normalcy. He believes that living with Type 1 diabetes doesn't mean giving up on fun, experiences, or the carefree spirit of youth, stating, "It's possible to enjoy life to the fullest, even while managing this condition."

    Usher's partnership with Sanofi's One Pledge Challenge underscores his dedication to raising awareness about early detection of Type 1 diabetes, a cause close to his heart.