When Gemma Chan’s synth eyes bewitched London: ‘Good or bad synth?’

    Gemma Chan's portrayal of Anita, an AI "synth", in AMC's 'Humans' had its share of comedic stumbles. From law at Oxford to the electric-emerald eyes of Anita, Chan’s journey remains iconic.

    <p>Gemma Chan (Source: Elle)&nbsp;</p>

    Gemma Chan (Source: Elle)&nbsp;

    Gemma Chan's ‘Synth’-titillating Journey in 'Humans'

    Once upon a time, back in 2015, the illustrious streets of London bore witness to an intriguing presence, one that bumped into sets, and crew members, and even took a dive down the stairs. It was none other than our beloved Gemma Chan playing the compelling role of Anita, the much-talked-about "synth" in AMC’s drama "Humans."

    Becoming Anita: More Than Just Circuitry

    At first glance, Anita seems to be the perfect AI assistant every Londoner in this parallel universe would crave - an exquisite display of artificial intelligence, topped with shiny ebony locks, graceful limbs, and a magnetic charisma that could bewitch any man or child. But portraying this robotic marvel wasn't a cakewalk for Gemma.

    Gemma Chan in Humans (Source: Robohub)

    "I honestly thought my head would explode," Gemma candidly shared, echoing the hurdles she faced bringing Anita to life. The role was as humorous as it was intense, especially when Anita, designed to be flawless, started showing very humanlike glitches. Imagine a top-notch AI clumsily bumping into the wife with a sizzling pan or mysteriously harboring a giant spider. It was a sight to behold.

    The Electric-Eyed Enigma: Good or Bad Synth?

    One can't help but marvel at the depth Gemma brought to Anita. Beneath those striking electric-emerald eyes, one could often spot a flicker of emotion, making one wonder - is Anita the obedient synth she's supposed to be, or is there more to her? "It’s a bit of a mystery," Gemma teased, suggesting that even she enjoyed the thrill of unfolding Anita's layered narrative.

    Humans (Source: Radio Times)

    From the hallowed halls of Oxford, where she pursued law, to the electric allure of London's artificial intelligence universe in "Humans", Gemma Chan’s transition has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. Her talent has not only graced us in 'Humans' but has also shimmered in classics like “Doctor Who,” “Secret Diary of a Call Girl,” and the action-packed “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.”

    As we stroll down memory lane, Gemma Chan's portrayal of Anita reminds us of the timeless debate between humans and artificial intelligence, but more importantly, it underlines the raw talent and versatility of this incredible actress.

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