Why American Idol season 22 will be Katy Perry's last as a judge

    After several successful seasons, Katy Perry bids farewell to American Idol.

    Katy Perry (Source: CNN)

    Katy Perry (Source: CNN)

    The debut of American Idol's Season 22 also signifies Katy Perry's farewell as a judge, concluding her seven-year stint on the panel. Discover the rationale behind Perry's unexpected departure and speculation about the potential celebrity poised to take her place.

    After airing for 15 seasons on FOX, American Idol faced cancellation in 2016. However, the show found new life when ABC revived it in 2018, with artist Katy Perry joining Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie as judges. Additionally, the iconic host Ryan Seacrest made a return for the ABC reboot.

    Katy Perry (Source: People)

    Katy Perry Announces Departure from American Idol

    During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Feb. 12, Perry disclosed her departure from American Idol after Season 22. Expressing her affection for the show, she shared that it's likely her final season, emphasizing how it has deeply connected her with the heart of America.

    Following the announcement, Lionel Richie, Perry’s fellow American Idol judge, humorously remarked on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, "I’m not mad about it. It just made me swerve off the road when I first heard about it."Richie further revealed that he was unaware of Perry's departure until hearing the news.

    Katy Perry (Source: People)

    A Shift Back to Pop Stardom

    Katy Perry shared that her decision to depart from American Idol stems from her desire to refocus on her pop career and release new music. Having concluded her two-year Las Vegas residency in November 2023, Perry expressed to Kimmel that it promises to be an incredibly thrilling year for all pop stars.

    Additionally, the artist revealed her upcoming performance at Brazil’s Rock in Rio music festival in September. While Perry didn't rule out the possibility of returning to the long-running singing show in the future, her focus remains on her music career for the time being.

    American Idol Judges (Source: X)

    ABC has yet to unveil Katy Perry's replacement as a judge on American Idol. Speculation abounds, with singers such as Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift reportedly under consideration for the coveted role. Former Idol winner Jordin Sparks, who clinched the title in 2007 as the youngest contestant, has also thrown her hat into the ring, expressing interest in stepping into Katy Perry's shoes for the upcoming season.

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