Actor brand reputation - 'Queen of Tears' star Kim Soo Hyun tops charts, Cha Eun Woo shines as well

    Let's delve into the top five and those who followed closely behind.

    <p>'Queen of Tears' leads Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Ji Won and Cha Eun Woo</p>

    'Queen of Tears' leads Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Ji Won and Cha Eun Woo

    With the plethora of K-dramas captivating fans worldwide, this month's brand reputation rankings for actors come as no surprise. Unveiled by the Korean Business Research Institute, fans are delighted to see their favourites topping the list.

    These rankings were determined by analyzing data from 100 performers who appeared in dramas, films, or over-the-top entertainment released between March 29 and April 29. The analysis included factors such as media coverage, participation, engagement, and community indices. Let's delve into the top five and those who followed closely behind.

    Kim Soo Hyun:

    With a brand reputation index of 11,625,568 this month, the actor—whose latest drama "Queen of Tears" broke the record for the greatest drama ratings in tvN history—won first place.

    Cha Eun Woo:

    The actor and K-pop sensation from the group ASTRO took second place with a brand reputation rating of 7,762,794. He plays the lead role in the drama "Wonderful World," which on April 12 saw an all-time high in viewership for its penultimate episode.

    Ma Dong Seok:

    This global superstar secured the third position with a score of 7,200,487. His announcement that he and Ye Jung Hwa will be getting married in May, three years after registering their union, grabbed headlines recently.

    Byeon Woo Seok:

    The actor came in fourth, very close behind, with a May brand reputation rating of 7,195,187. He leads "Lovely Runner," the highest-rated time-travelling romantic television series in South Korea currently.

    Kim Ji Won:

    With a score of 7,032,907, "Queen of Tears"' other lead achieved the fifth position. On June 22, she hosted a fan meetup at Shinhan Card SOLpay Square Live Hall in Seoul.

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    12. Go Yoon Jung

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    19. Kim Nam Joo

    20. Kim Go Eun

    21. Song Geon Hee

    22. Gong Myung

    23. Kim Moo Yeol

    24. Lee Byung Hun

    25. Lee Bo Young

    26. Lee Dong Hwi

    27. Joo Ji Hoon

    28. Kim Hye Soo

    29. Lee Moo Saeng

    30. Gong Yoo