Grey's Anatomy season 20 premiere: Here's all that happened in the first episode

    Simone Griffin and Lucas Adams deal with the fallout of an unauthorized surgery in the season 20 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy(Spoilers Below).

    <p>Grey's Anatomy (Source: X)</p>

    Grey's Anatomy (Source: X)

    On the season 20 premiere of Grey's Anatomy, Teddy Altman's (played by Kim Raver) fate was finally unveiled. Following her collapse in the OR during the season 19 finale, the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial rushed to save her life. After undergoing an emergency heart valve replacement and stabilizing, Teddy's husband, Owen Hunt (portrayed by Kevin McKidd), was adamant about remaining by her side.

    However, Teddy's troubles weren't over yet. Winston Ndugu (played by Anthony Hill) later discovered that Teddy had no pulse in one of her legs. This prompted another urgent surgery to save her limb and remove a blood clot. In the end, Teddy woke up, greeted by Owen's tender kiss on her forehead, and she softly inquired, "What happened?" as he held her close.

    Grey's Anatomy (Source: X)

    Interns' Rogue Actions

    The interns faced the consequences of their rogue actions. Simone Griffin (portrayed by Alexis Floyd) and Lucas Adams (played by Niko Terho) made the decision to perform emergency heart surgery on Sam Sutton (portrayed by Sam Page) without supervision.

    Meanwhile, Benson "Blue" Kwan (portrayed by Harry Shum Jr.) resuscitated Dr. Jules Millin’s (portrayed by Adelaide Kane) elderly roommate, Maxine Anderson (portrayed by Juliet Mills), despite her objections. As the interns continued to point fingers at each other for the chaos at the hospital, Nick insisted that they all "stay here."

    Grey's Anatomy (Source: X)

    Consequences Beyond the Interns

    The interns weren't the only ones dealing with consequences. Catherine Avery (played by Debbie Allen) was engaged in "damage control" with her foundation's donors following Meredith Grey's (played by Ellen Pompeo) criticism that they were prioritizing the "wrong things" in Alzheimer's research. After Meredith spoke out, Catherine issued a warning to her.

    Later, Meredith vowed to revert to her original research plans. However, despite this conversation, she confided in Amelia, revealing her intention to pursue her own research clandestinely. Catch Grey's Anatomy on ABC every Thursday.