Where's the cast of Grey's Anatomy now

    Since its debut in 2005, the enduring medical drama Grey's Anatomy has kept viewers captivated.

    Grey's Anatomy (Source: X)

    Grey's Anatomy (Source: X)

    Grey's Anatomy, created by Shonda Rhimes, is a long-running medical drama that first aired in 2005. The series follows the personal and professional lives of the surgical interns, residents, and attending physicians at the fictional Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital

    The show has enjoyed immense success, spanning multiple seasons and garnering widespread acclaim from critics and viewers alike. As of 2024, Grey's Anatomy has aired 20 seasons, making it one of the longest-running primetime medical dramas in television history.

    Grey's Anatomy (Source: X)

    Let's take a look at what some of the cast members have been up to since their time on the beloved Shonda Rhimes series.

    Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey

    Ellen Pompeo portrays Meredith Grey, the central character of the long-running medical drama series Grey's Anatomy. Meredith is a talented and dedicated surgeon who navigates the challenges of her personal and professional life at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Pompeo is married to music producer Chris Ivery, with whom she shares three children. She's known for leading a relatively private life, preferring to focus on her family and philanthropic endeavors when not on set

    Ellen Pompeo (Source: X)

    James Pickens Jr. as Richard Webber

    In Grey's Anatomy, James Pickens Jr. skillfully embodies the character of Richard Webber, the respected former Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He has also showcased his talent on other hit shows like The X-Files, Roseanne, Yellowstone, and The Conners. Additionally, Pickens has been married to musician Gina Taylor since 1984, and they share two children.

    James Pickens Jr. (Source: X)

    Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey

    Miranda Bailey made her debut on the series premiere with her stern demeanor and no-nonsense attitude, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. Despite her tough exterior, she harbored a deep love and care for her interns, working tirelessly to ensure their success.Throughout her extensive tenure on Grey's Anatomy, Chandra Wilson, a four-time Emmy nominee.

    Chandra Wilson (Source: X)

    Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang

    Cristina Yang was portrayed as a headstrong, highly intelligent intern on Grey's Anatomy, known for her no-nonsense approach and willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed. She formed a close bond with Meredith Grey, quickly becoming her best friend. Since departing Grey's Anatomy, Sandra Oh has enjoyed ongoing success on television, most notably for her role in the BBC series Killing Eve. Her performance in Killing Eve earned her a second Golden Globe award.

    Sandra Oh (Source: X)

    Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd

    Derek Shepherd, affectionately known as Dr. McDreamy, captured hearts from the very first episode of Grey's Anatomy when he met Meredith Grey after what was meant to be a one-night stand. Their relationship blossomed into one of the most iconic on television. Recently, Patrick Dempsey has appeared in the Disney+ movie Disenchanted (2022) and Ferrari (2023).

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