The Voice champs: What have winners been up to

    Embark on a musical journey as we unveil the post-'Voice' adventures of the talented winners.

    <p>The Voice (Source: X)</p>

    The Voice (Source: X)

    Following 15 weeks of blind auditions, fierce battle rounds, and knockout showdowns, we've witnessed numerous talented individuals sing their way to victory on The Voice. The journey began with the humble Javier Colon, who claimed the inaugural title in 2011. Fast forward over a decade, and 22 more champions have risen to the occasion. The burning question remains: What are they up to now?

    Season 1: Javier Colon

    Right after his stint on The Voice, he inked a deal with Universal Music Group and dropped his first album, "Come Through for You." Although he later parted ways with the label and shifted to Concord Records, there haven't been any new album releases from Colon since then. However, in 2013, he kicked off a weekly series titled "Inside Voice with Javier Colon," co-hosted with Jenn Bosworth, showcasing another facet of his talent.

    Javier Colon (Source:X)

    Season 2: Jermaine Paul

    Paul's triumph not only secured his win but also marked Blake Shelton's inaugural coaching victory on the show. The dynamic duo even joined forces for a collaboration titled "Soul Man." Paul continued his musical journey with a string of singles, such as "I Believe in This Life," "Working Sista," and "Next to You." In 2019, he dropped his latest track, "Water," showcasing his ongoing commitment to making music.

    Season 3: Cassadee Pope

    Making history as The Voice's inaugural female champion, she set the stage on fire with her debut solo country album, "Frame by Frame," in 2013, reaching the pinnacle at number one on the Top Country Albums chart. Fast forward to April 2023, she treated fans to the release of "People That I Love Leave." Adding a twist to her repertoire, she dropped a revamped version of "Wasting All These Tears" in October, trading the country vibes for a pop-punk sound that left listeners craving more.

    Season 4: Danielle Bradbery

    Securing victory with Shelton at the helm, Bradbery launched her debut album, "Danielle Bradbery," in 2013. Building on her success, she followed up with her sophomore release, "I Don't Believe We've Met," in 2017. Fast forward to April 2023, where she tantalizingly hinted at a "new era" of music for her fans. Reflecting on her journey, she shared, “I have been through a lot of stages in my career."

    Danielle Bradbery (Source: X)

    Season 5: Tessanne Chin

    She emerged victorious under Team Adam in season five. Following her win, Chin dropped her album, "Count On My Love," with Republic Records in July 2014. However, she took a different path in 2015, parting ways with the label and releasing her single, "Fire." Since then, she's been gracing significant stages, including the 42nd Daytime Emmy Awards, showcasing her talent. Notably, she's been at the forefront of Voice Box and continues to dive into her music endeavors.

    Season 6: Josh Kaufman

    After his memorable run on The Voice under Team Usher, Kaufman expanded his horizons with numerous live shows and a brief foray into acting. Notably, he secured the lead role in Broadway's 2013 revival of Pippin and showcased his talents in Home For the Holidays, Live on Broadway. Beyond the stage, Kaufman boasts a discography of four albums, featuring noteworthy titles like "Forgetting...To Remember...To Forget" and "NDOXO Vol. 1," released in 2019.

    Season 7: Craig Wayne Boyd

    Following his victory in season seven, Boyd achieved significant milestones, including a debut at the Grand Ole Opry and an extensive tour spanning 65 cities. In 2008, he released his inaugural self-titled album, marking the beginning of a musical journey. Boyd continued to captivate audiences with three subsequent albums: "I Ain't No Quitter," "Top Shelf," and "From the Inbetween." His post-Voice endeavors showcased a commitment to his craft and a continued exploration of his musical talents.

    Craig Wayne Boyd (Source: X)

    Season 8: Sawyer Fredericks

    Emerging victorious in the competition at the tender age of 16, Fredericks wasted no time making his mark. Securing a record deal, he swiftly released a self-titled EP, laying the groundwork for what was to come. Fredericks then dropped his debut album, "A Good Storm," signaling the promising start of a musical journey that began with triumph on The Voice.

    Season 9: Jordan Smith

    Claiming victory for Team Adam, this powerhouse vocalist etched his name in history as the highest-selling artist to grace The Voice stage, propelled in part by his captivating cover of "Mary, Did You Know?" Since then, he's continued to build on his success, releasing three albums: "Something Beautiful," "’Tis the Season," and "Only Love," showcasing the versatility and depth of his musical prowess.

    Season 10: Alisan Porter

    Already adorned with an impressive resume featuring over a dozen acting credits and two albums, this actress and singer brought her talent to The Voice, triumphing as part of Team Christina. Following her victory, she unveiled her first EP, "I Come in Pieces," in 2017, and continued to impress with her third studio album, "Pink Cloud," released in 2019. Her journey from the screen to the stage has added vibrant notes to her multifaceted career.

    Alisan Porter (Source: X)

    Season 11: Sundance Head

    Seizing victory as a member of Team Blake, the country singer inked a deal with Dean Dillon's Wildcatter Records. In 2019, he launched his album, "Stained Glass and Neon," showcasing his musical prowess. Beyond the studio, Head has graced the stage with live performances, including opening for the renowned country group Zac Brown Band. His post-Voice journey continues to resonate through the vibrant notes of his country music career.

    Season 12: Chris Blue

    Securing victory after claiming the last spot on Team Alicia, Blue has been making strides in his music career. Releasing noteworthy singles like "You Are My Heaven" and "Humanity," he's been steadily building anticipation for his upcoming EP, The Chris Blue Project, as revealed in a December 2020 interview with Knox News. While the EP is still on the horizon, Blue treated fans to singles like "Back 2 The Future" in 2020 and "Moon" in April 2021, offering glimpses into the musical journey he continues to embark on.

    Season 13: Chloe Kohanski

    Following her triumph with Team Blake, Kohanski joined forces with Republic Records, dropping her debut single, "Come This Far," in 2018. However, in a move to explore her artistic identity, she transitioned to the stage name Chloe MK in 2019, opting for independent releases. Her musical evolution continued with the unveiling of her first EP, "Fantasy," in 2019, followed by the single "Cosmic" in 2020. Kohanski's journey showcases her commitment to artistic exploration and a unique path in the music industry.

    Chloe Kohanski (Source: NBC)

    Season 14: Brynn Cartelli

    Seizing victory at the age of 15, Cartelli became the youngest contestant to clinch The Voice title. Post-win, she inked a deal with Atlantic Records and had the opportunity to open for Kelly Clarkson on her Meaning of Life Tour in January 2019. Cartelli continued to make waves with the release of her debut EP, "Based on a True Story," which achieved significant success, peaking at number seven on the iTunes Charts in May 2021. Her journey underscores both her talent and early accomplishments in the music industry.

    Season 15: Chevel Shepherd

    Making history as the first country artist on Team Kelly to secure victory, Shepherd's post-win journey included joining Maroon 5 as the opening act for their Red Pill Blues Tour in 2019. Building on her momentum, she released her debut album, "Everybody's Got a Story," in 2021. Shepherd's trajectory in the music industry highlights not only her success on The Voice but also her continued growth and accomplishments in the country music scene.

    Season 16: Maelyn Jarmon

    Securing a record deal with Republic Records after triumphing on Team John Legend, Jarmon made her mark with the release of her original song, "Wait For You." Her talent also reached national recognition as she performed the national anthem at A Capitol Fourth—an annual Independence Day concert special. While she maintained a relatively low profile on the music front, in 2023, Jarmon surprised fans with the exciting announcement that she is set to make her acting debut in 2024, showcasing a new dimension to her artistic pursuits.

    Maelyn Jarmon (Source: WNKY)

    Season 17: Jake Hoot

    Hoot recently treated fans to his latest musical offering, the single "It Wouldn't be Christmas," released in November 2023. Adding a festive touch, he is set to perform alongside Laura Osnes and Rachel Hale at Carols for Monroe Carell in December—a collaborative effort aimed at benefiting Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital. Hoot's continued involvement in charitable events and music releases keeps his audience eagerly anticipating each new endeavor.

    Season 18: Todd Tilghman

    Despite winning during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, his post-victory success remained undeterred. Following the show, his coach Shelton extended an invitation, inviting him to perform at the prestigious Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, marking a significant milestone in his burgeoning career. The resilience and talent displayed during these unprecedented times have undoubtedly contributed to his continued success.

    Season 19: Carter Rubin

    Rubin is currently immersed in the creative process, actively writing and recording new music. In April 2023, he treated fans to his single "Mess Me Up," followed by the release of his second song, "Last Time," in June 2023. These recent releases showcase Rubin's ongoing commitment to his musical journey, offering audiences a taste of his evolving artistic expression.

    Carter Rubin (Source: X)

    Season 20: Cam Anthony

    Following the release of his debut single, "Keep It Between Us," Anthony has been actively engaged in live performances in Los Angeles. This move into the live music scene demonstrates his commitment to sharing his music directly with audiences, creating a dynamic and immersive experience for fans in the vibrant L.A. music scene.

    Season 21: Girl Named Tom

    The folk-pop trio, Girl Named Tom, is currently enchanting audiences with a series of live shows as part of their One More Christmas Tour. Making waves in the music scene, the trio achieved a historic feat as the first-ever trio to secure victory in the competition, with a nod to their coach, Kelly Clarkson. Their live performances further showcase their talent and solidify their unique place in the musical landscape.

    Season 22: Bryce Leatherwood

    Leatherwood is currently in the creative zone, diligently working on his debut album. This endeavor comes on the heels of the release of his inaugural single, "The Finger," which hit the airwaves in October 2023. With this promising start, fans can anticipate more musical offerings as Leatherwood embarks on the exciting journey of crafting his first full-length album.

    Season 23: Gina Miles

    The 20-year-old singer is actively immersed in the creation of new music. In September 2023, she offered fans a tantalizing preview of her upcoming single, aptly titled "Someone New." Additionally, she had the opportunity to showcase her talent as the opening act for Jewel's concert at The Venue at Thunder Valley, further solidifying her presence in the music scene. As she continues to work on her craft, fans can look forward to the release of her anticipated single and more exciting musical endeavors.