Meet Huntley: The Voice season 24's Champion

    In a thrilling culmination of Season 24, The Voice proudly announces Huntley as the newly crowned champion.

    The Voice (Source: Southern Living)

    The Voice (Source: Southern Living)

    On a memorable Tuesday night, Huntley emerged as the triumphant victor of Season 24 of The Voice, securing Coach Niall Horan's second consecutive win. The emotional climax unfolded as host Carson Daly proclaimed, "Huntley, you are the voice. Congratulations," prompting tears of joy from the newly crowned champion. Amidst the celebration.

    Huntley embraced the runner-up, Ruby Leigh before an elated Niall Horan leaped onto the stage to share a heartfelt hug with his victorious protégé. The night he resonated with the resonance of musical triumph and camaraderie, etching a poignant moment in The Voice's storied history.

    Huntley's Journey to Victory

    Within the captivating spectacle of the show, Huntley delivered a mesmerizing rendition of Bob Dylan's "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" in a poignant duet with Coach Niall Horan. The 33-year-old singer's soul-stirring performance ultimately secured victory, triumphing over formidable competitors including Team Niall's Mara Justine, Team Reba's Jacquie Roar and Ruby Leigh, and Team Legend's Lila Forde. 

    Huntley originated from Florida but spent his formative years in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Upon making the commitment to pursue a serious music career, he relocated to Tennessee. Despite his efforts, the success he aspired to achieve eluded him, prompting his return to his home state.Back in Virginia, Huntley took on the role of a booking agent and performed at various venues across the state. Additionally, he had prior involvement in a band named Lucys Letdown.

    The artist has two children, but he has not disclosed the identity of their mothers. His daughter entered the world in 2017, followed by the birth of his son in 2021. Huntley emphasized that he prioritizes being a "dedicated" father to his kids, a commitment fueled by the absence of a relationship with his own father.

    Captivating Audition

    Huntley swiftly grabbed the coaches' notice with his impressive four-chair turn audition of "She Talks to Angels." "Huntley, your voice reminds me of something... Have you ever listened to the English singer Daniel Merriweather or the likes of James Morrison? There's this tone, a bit like Chris Stapleton, and it feels so natural," remarked the 30-year-old Horan. "I can imagine you had that same tone even back when you were 15."

    Leading up to the finale, Huntley, hailing from Fredericksburg, Virginia, shared his gratitude for the overwhelming love and support he has received on social media. "This is surreal. Feeling incredibly blessed and thankful for everyone who has believed in me throughout this journey," he expressed on Instagram.

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