Ruby Leigh's stunning 'Long Long Time' performance on The Voice leaves judges awestruck

    Ruby Leigh's powerful rendition of Linda Ronstadt's "Long Long Time" during The Voice's Playoffs earns high praise from judges and secures her a spot in the Live Performances, guided by coach Reba McEntire.

    Ruby Leigh (Source: NBC)

    Ruby Leigh (Source: NBC)

    The competition on NBC's "The Voice" Season 24 has reached a fever pitch as the Playoffs stage sets the stage for nail-biting decisions. With Team Reba down to five contestants due to Tom Nitti's unexpected exit, the pressure was immense for the remaining artists.

    Ruby Leigh's Brilliant Strategy

    The Voice (Source: Youtube)

    Sixteen-year-old yodeling sensation Ruby Leigh stepped up with a strategic song choice, opting for Linda Ronstadt's timeless "Long Long Time." This choice not only showcased her vocal maturity but also resonated with audiences, thanks to the song's recent revival in popular culture. Gwen Stefani was moved to hyperbole by Ruby's performance, suggesting that a record by Ruby could "save the world." Niall Horan echoed this sentiment, praising it as the best version of the song he'd ever heard.

    Reba McEntire's Emotional Connection

    Reba McEntire, Ruby's coach, was visibly moved by her performance. In a heartwarming moment, she expressed how Ruby's "sweet, emotional cry" in her voice always touched her deeply. Reba later affirmed that Ruby was "bringing something we've never seen before" to The Voice.

    Following a tense deliberation, Reba McEntire chose Ruby Leigh for the Live Performances, alongside Jordan Rainer and Jacquie Roar. This decision sets the stage for what promises to be an electrifying next phase of the competition.

    Ruby Leigh's journey on The Voice continues to captivate viewers and judges alike. With her unique talent and Reba McEntire's guidance, she stands as a strong contender as the show moves into the Live Performances.

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