'A Certain Stretchy Role': Is Adam Driver Shifting From Star Wars to Become MCU's Mr. Fantastic?

    From Kylo Ren to a potentially stretchy future: rumors swirl that Adam Driver may be MCU's next Mr. Fantastic.

    <p>Source: TMZ</p>

    Source: TMZ

    Listen up, Marvel maniacs and Star Wars savants! Could Adam Driver be swapping lightsabers for spandex in the MCU's upcoming Fantastic Four movie? Let's just say the rumor mill is humming louder than Thor's hammer on a Saturday night.

    A Galaxy Far, Far Away Meets the Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Adam Driver, who captured galaxies both near and far with his portrayal of Kylo Ren, is now whispered to be the lead choice for Reed Richards, a.k.a Mr. Fantastic. According to The Direct, MCU's top casting choice for the rubbery role is indeed Driver. "A certain stretchy role" has been hinted at by Grace Randolph, and let's face it, with Driver's Disney history, this isn't a stretch!

    Source: TMZ

    Fantastic Four: The Anticipated Superhero Mashup of 2025

    Scheduled to burst into theatres on August 6, 2025, Fantastic Four is planning to be a cornerstone of the MCU's Phase 6. And it's not just another superhero flick; it's shaping up to be a pivotal movie that could set the stage for the next string of Avengers movies. But Driver isn't the only name in the cauldron. Diego Luna of Andor fame is also rumored for the role, but given his jam-packed schedule, that's as likely as Loki telling the truth.

    "Adam Driver's Real Shot to Fame Was When He Played Kylo Ren"

    Driver has a portfolio as diverse as the X-Men. After making it big in the HBO series Girls, he sliced and diced his way into our hearts as Kylo Ren. As reported by FandomWire, he's currently juggling post-production for 65 and Ferrari, and is set to wrap up Megalopolis by March 2023. His schedule, unlike Luna's, is wide open, much like the space-time continuum the Fantastic Four often find themselves meddling with.

    All Eyes on San Diego Comic-Con

    With casting said to be one of the big roles of 2023, all eyes are on Marvel Studios' presentation at San Diego Comic-Con. Will we hear the announcement that cements Driver's place in another iconic universe? Only time will tell. But if it happens, Driver — a two-time Academy Award nominee and veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps — might just become the ultimate crossover king, from Broadway to galaxies far, far away and now potentially to the very stretchy arms of Mr. Fantastic.

    Brace yourselves, folks, the Marvel Universe may soon have a new star, and it's none other than Adam Driver. May the Force — or should we say, the Four — be with him!

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