Bigg Boss 17 Day 49 Highlights: Isha Malviya and Khanzaadi get into ugly spat; Aishwarya Sharma reaches out to Neil Bhatt after being called dominating

    Ankita broke down in front of Vicky after a disagreement with Mannara. She cried and said she wants to go home.

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    Bigg Boss 17

    In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17, Rinku Dhawan and Vicky Jain pondered over their place in the house after their name came in the bottom two during the eviction. Rinku said she was surprised to know Vicky’s name would come out. Mannara added that Vicky is scared to leave. Vicky, on the other hand, told Mannara to understand what mindset he came with, that he had no followers. That’s why he made it to the bottom 2. He then expressed gratitude that the show gave him face value.

    Further, Ankita Lokhande assured Sana that she would remain friends with her, and explained to Munawar that she had a reason to back out. Munawar, on the other hand, felt bad when Vicky and Abhishek talked about him and Mannara. He clarified that he is just friends with Mannara. He confronted Vicky and asked him if he told Abhishek that had he been his girlfriend he would have blasted outside. To which, Vicky clarified that Abhishek told this and it was a joke. Mannara differed saying Vicky was serious about it but Ankita supported Vicky and said it was a joke. Mannara maintained that if they do it’s a joke and for others it’s serious. She told Ankita to stop sipping in her heart, and upset Ankita left. Abhishek clarified that he said he is possessive hence he would have blasted.

    Further, Ankita broke down in front of Vicky after a disagreement with Mannara. She told him that she is cruel and couldn’t bear her anymore. She cried and said she wants to go home. On the other hand, a fight broke out between Khanzaadi and Isha regarding Abhishek. Isha asked Khanzaadi to go after Abhishek, cry and fall for him. Khanzaadi replied that she doesn’t need him, and instead asked her to go after him. Meanwhile, Abhishek laughed with Vicky knowing that the two girls were fighting because of him. Sana quipped Abhishek has become popular.

    Later, Isha called out Khanzaadi for going after Abhishek without feelings. Khanzaadi hit back saying that she is still after her ex even though she has Samarth. Isha even alleged that Khanzaadi and Abhishek share blanket. Then Khanzaadi poked fun at Isha by asking Abhishek to go to the blanket with her and let Isha cry. Khanzaadi went out with Abhishek. Isha was then seen cooking angrily while Samarth stated that she becomes jealous of all her co-stars. He further added that she wants everyone to go after her. Isha and Samarth got into an argument, where Isha told Samarth that he doesn’t know her better than Abhishek, which left him hurt. Abhishek asked Isha to talk it out with Samarth and sort things out. But things get worse between Samarth and Isha, and the two decide to not to talk with one another.

    On the other hand, Aishwarya blamed Neil for keeping her in a bad light on the show despite him having ego issues. Ankita questioned Vicky’s statement when he called her investment. Ankita said that it is not looking good, but Vicky stuck to his statement. Later, Arbaaz and Sohail came to the house with a jungle theme. They asked Rinku who according to her is a clever fox, and she took Vicky’s name. Vicky and Neil had a fistfight and Neil won. Munawar called Sana a lazy squirrel. Sohail asked who jumps around like a rabbit, and Mannara named Munawar. Sohail asked Isha who’s a monkey. She took Abshihek’s name Sohail called Samarth, Isha, Mannara, and Sana to dance and play musical chairs, and Samarth won the game. Towards the end of the episode, Khanzaadi broke down into tears and Samarth and Isha consoled her. Munawar and Mannara also spoke to each other about their bond and clarified things.